Monday, October 12, 2009

Adolf Obama?

I was driving by Salem State Saturday, on my way to the farmer's market in Marblehead, when I noticed eight to ten people standing on the sidewalk in front of Salem State's theater. Apparently our esteemed representative Tierney was holding a public forum that morning. Rather than attending, and voicing their opinions to the rep, who could use them, they decided to stand outside protesting something, but I don't know what, because the only things visible were pictures of our president, with a Hitler moustache drawn on all of them. Very klassy. Beyond being klassy, it was just plain ineffective. I have no idea what their point was, and even if I did I would discount it based on the utter lack of respect they showed to the office of the president of this country.

Listen, the first amendment protects the rights of people to say and do stupid stuff, and they don't disappoint. That said, the office of the president deserves a certain amount of respect, whoever holds it. This is equally true if they are an Obama, or a Bush, a Clinton or a Reagan.

So way to keep it klassy, protesters.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Pereira update!

Remember young Timmay Pereira? He's back in the news as he has now plead guilty to several charges for the accident.

Read about it here.

My favorite part of the article is where his lawyer calls him a stand up individual who has led an exemplary life. Pay no attention to the charges that he bashed someone with a bat.

I'll give some kudos to the mother of Timmy's cousin. She asked the judge to sentence Tim to at least a year in jail. However, I'll remind her that her son obviously chose to get in the car with this hooligan.

Pereiras, still keeping it klassy.