Saturday, November 14, 2009

Tyler Lagatta keeps it klassy

Serial juvenile delinquent Tyler Lagatta of English Street is the king of nighttime klassy in Salem. This 19 year old piece of garbage has made a habit out of breaking into cars, and worse for him, getting caught in the act. Read about him here, and here. His parents must be so proud.

If this is the same guy, he's clearly not a mental midget at all. Nothing is more fun than wading in filthy flood water.

Unfortunately, our local judges are nearly as klassy, and surely this one punk crime spree will continue.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Klass komes from Marblehead!

Our most recent klassy award winner is Taylor Jackson, of Marblehead, or Delmar, NY, or she doesn't really seem to know where she's from. This 22-year-old prize of a young "lady" decided to enjoy the Salem nightlife Thursday night by getting smashed at O'Neill's, followed by a joyride up Lafayette right into a tree by Loring Ave. This genius then decided to drive her car, spewing fluids, about a mile closer to Marblehead until it died. Then, she hid in the bushes, and called her daddy to come save her.

Unfortunately for Taylor, the Salem police found her first. When they did, Taylor insulted the Salem police, lied, told her father to shut up when he showed up to save her, and displayed an air of superiority that she VERY clearly hasn't earned and doesn't deserve.

Read all about it from the Salem News here.

Salem State should expel this piece of human excrement as an example to their students of their responsibility to be good citizens in the community, as well as good students. Taylor, and her parents, should be ashamed. Unfortunately, it's clear from her actions that she's incapable of feeling shame.