Friday, April 23, 2010

Rockmore Company and owner Peter Noyes

The early leader in the clubhouse for klassiest, assiest, dickhead of the year is Peter Noyes and the Rockmore Company. This super klassy individual decided that it would be a much better idea to fill Salem Harbor with HUMAN SHIT than to dispose of it properly by having it pumped out of his floating restaurant, The Rockmore, and his ferry boat, the Hannah Glover. Instead, he decided to pump the sewage from those vessels directly into the ocean, for 16 years, in violation of maritime law. Even klassier, Mr. Noyes, who lives in one of the most expensive houses on the North Shore, out at the end of Marblehead Neck, decided to intimidate the Salem News into removing the article that they wrote about an impending plea agreement, and admission of guilt. I emailed the publisher and editors the following:

To whom it may (or may not) concern:

I'm very disappointed in the Salem News today. The Rockmore Company admitting that they've polluted by dumping raw, untreated, human waste into Massachusetts coastal waters, and being accused of doing so right in Salem Harbor, is major news.

I can't believe that the story about these accusations and admission was removed from the Salem News website today. When a prominent Marbleheader is accused of wrongdoing, that is at least as newsworthy as when a miscreant like The Wind is accused of a crime, even if the Marbleheader has better lawyers. It's probably more so.

I'm very sad to learn that the Salem News is lacking in journalistic ethics and caves to threats.

What happened to "the public has a right to know?" You'd think it would apply when a company is pumping raw poop into the water within sight of my house.

The Salem News is run by pussies, and they are afraid of him, but I'm not.
Not surprisingly, the cowards didn't respond. Glad I no longer give them any money.

Well, this blog will not be intimidated. You can see the original text of the Salem News article here.

So, let's take a closer look at Peter Noyes and Rockmore. The Rockmore restaurant, which never opened this summer (hmmm ... maybe busy with lawyers) is accessed by boat only, and offers a free shuttle boat from Salem, opposite Finz.

The sign should read "No charge for the poop either!"

Rockmore/Noyes also owns the Hannah Glover, which can be booked for weddings, and is also used to transport children out to the YMCA's day camp at Children's Island. As a Y member I was disturbed to hear this, and had the following e-mail exchange with the YMCA:

Dear Mr. Mayer,
As a member of the YMCA of the North Shore I urge you to stop using the Hannah Glover for transporting children to camp. You have an excellent teaching opportunity here for the children who attend the camp. Please show them that our community doesn't support those, such as Peter Noyes and the Rockmore Company, who pollute the environment and disrespect the community.

I received the following response from the COO of the North Shore YMCA:

Thanks for your input. As you could imagine,we were shocked and frankly disgusted by the actions of the owner of the Hannah Glover. We were equally upset with the fact that after 30 years of a business relationship, Mr. Noyes did not tell us about this on-going investigation.

Currently we are in year 4 of a 5 year contract with The Rockmore Company and are investigating all of our options going forward. At this point we are not sure what we legally can do. But rest assured, a lesson will be taught and learned here.

Chris Lovasco


YMCA of the North Shore

So, at least the YMCA is keeping it classy, instead of klassy.

The Hannah Glover, where you could hold your wedding, just watch out for crap flooding the deck.

Unfortunately, the same can't be said for Peter Noyes. Anyone can make a mistake though, right? Well, this wasn't one mistake, and it wasn't Noyes' first run in with the law. Ask people in the boating community and they'll tell you that this has been ongoing, well-known behavior, that has lasted for years.

Apparently Peter Noyes truly does believe that he's above the law. Previously, he was found guilty of both age and anti-Russian discrimination in 2007, against a former accountant he employed. The details of the case are so blatant they almost can't be believed. For the details, click here and select Vladimir Glezer vs. Rockmore Company & Peter Noyes.

Below are 5 quotes from the hearing decision awarding Mr. Glezer with over $100,000 in damages payable by Noyes.

"Noyes had a discussion with him about replacing him as Rockmore’s bookkeeper. According to Complainant, in that discussion, Noyes referred to Complainant’s age, telling Complainant that his CPA had advised him that there were “a lot of young people around” who could replace Complainant."

"Noyes began the conversation by telling Complainant that Noyes’ wife had fears about Noyes meeting Complainant because Complainant is Russian and Russians could be violent. This insult made Complainant angry and upset and he told Noyce that it was a stupid comment. He stated that it was not the only time there had been a reference to Russians being violent or in gangs during the course of his employment."

"Noyes told Complainant that he was through hiring older people and that Noyes’ wife was physically afraid of Complainant. They discussed money again and Noyes asked Complainant to sign a release promising not to sue Noyes."

"Noyes’ lawyer, who according to Complainant, has since been disbarred from the practice of law, phoned Complainant and told Complainant their conversation was being taped and if he made a move, Noyes would “hit him with all his might.” He also told Complainant that Noyes was the boss and could do whatever he wanted. In that conversation he referred to Complainant as a “fucking Russian.”"

So you tell me. Either Noyes has no regard whatsoever for the law, or he's just plain stupid. Which is it?

So what should happen to Noyes? He paid a slap on the wrist, which based on the fact that his oceanfront home is assessed at 4.2 million dollars, won't really hurt him. I imagine that the property must be his pride and joy.

Peter Noyes home, 421 Ocean Ave, Marblehead, MA 01945

(Editor's note: This post has been sitting, unfinished, unpublished for a while, but Noyes is back in the news, reminding me to finish it, because apparently he never paid the fine. Again, he thinks he's above the law.)

Noyes feels perfectly justified in spreading his shit all around the North Shore, maybe people should return the favor. Have a dog? I know a great new place to walk it. I'm sure Peter Noyes won't have any problem with you not picking up after him if Sparky leaves his deposit on Noyes lawn. Happen to be on the Neck, and really have to poop? I know which household wouldn't have any justification complaining if you decided to drop trou and leave a deposit on the lawn. He made the harbor a public port-o-potty, why shouldn't his lawn be the same? is registered to Noyes at that address as well. If you look at the domain name ownership, Noyes address, email and phone are all listed. Why don't you call him up and let him know how you feel about his disgusting acts against us all? I must stress that I'm not suggesting that you harass him, or send him anything illegal. Do NOT poop in a box and mail it to him, that's probably against the law, and I can't, in good conscience, suggest that you do such a thing. His e-mail address is listed as well. Let him know what you think. Sign him up to receive porn email from here to eternity, but only if you determine that it's legal. I make no warranty, because I don't know.

phone number is present. You may want to call him up and let him know what you think. Make sure you don't harass him though. That might be illegal. His e-mail address is listed as well. Let him know what you think. Sign him up to receive porn email from hear to eternity, but only if you determine that it's legal. I make no warranty, because I don't know.


  1. I think Mr. Noyes is an entitled arse. Why can't we bring federal charges against him? It's a federal offense to pollute to that extent in public waters. It's called the Clean Water Act, which "established the goals of eliminating releases to water of high amounts of toxic substances . . . and ensuring that surface waters would meet standards necessary for human sports and recreation . . ."
    I feel like we should be calling a federal official, it would appear the local establishment is in Noyes' pocket. Disgusting!

  2. Wow this guy is as bad as John Acciavatti from Wenham. That piece of shit stole thousands from friends and businesses and then declared bankruptcy.
    Some people never got paid back and the piece of shit still resides in Wenham. Wife drives a mercedes. Can only pray for karma with that shitbag.

  3. The Rockmore was the best, and most fun boating destination in the area. I have only the fondest memories of it.
    Noyes had a dedicated sewerage pump out boat to service the Rockmore's brownwater and greywater. Indeed, the waters surrounding the Rockmore were teaming with large striped bass, which could be hand fed.
    You have distorted the record here; I wonder if you resent Mr. Noyes wealth. You seem jealous of his nice house.
    Mr. Noyes, THANK YOU for so many great memories. My crew and I loved to tie up to the Rockmore. I only hope that someday you will reopen.
    Norm Reynolds
    skipper s/v Valhala USA 1305, Hull MA

    1. To Mr. Reynolds,
      The Rockmore did have a dedicated sewerage boat and if you ask the kids that ran it, it was the worst gob. The government decided after many years, their predecessors should never have let us exist. This was after 911 when our government changed from the “server” to the “master”; People like this web site love to destroy what took years of hard work to build. They will never get it. The Rockmore was a “target” of the federal government. The Rockmor was not charged. Why? It was made up Carp. In the federal court house in Boston Massachusetts the federal investigators admitted to planting evidence, falsely, and asked the Rockmore lawyers “what are you going to do about it, our investigator is a better investigator than a plumber”. Yes we are reopening. No we aren’t as rich as the feds.
      I, as creator of the Rockmore, along with the help and contributions from some amazing people, are anode by people like “keep it classy”. You wimp, scum, sorry to the crud on the bottom, I like and respect you better, as you don’t hide.
      I have never responded to this crap until now. People shouldn’t be ruled by negative shit like klassy.
      If you don’t like what I offer don’t patronize our establishment. If what we offer suck we will be gone.

      After we reopen there will be a bounty to out Klassy. Aren’t you curious why they hide?
      Hope to serve you soon;
      Peter Noyes

    2. Funniest hyper-paranoid drivel I've ever read. A government conspiracy to bring down the Shitmore? You're a fraud and a scumbag and it's only a matter of time before your fraudulent world crumbles around you.

  4. excellent, people have no idea, and do not know the day to day facts... it cost a small fortune to keep a business going for the people!!!! There is no return.

  5. Keep it Classy-- Is an Idiot, the facts are missing. That person has comments from whatever they hear... hear say~~ No Proof...

  6. Keep it Classy BRNGS SALEM DOWN- where have you invested all your money? Free blogs...? Ranting with no skin in the game? Someone shut this guy down. Were you born in Salem?

    1. "Were you born in Salem?"
      Quite possibly the least relevant, dumbest thing anyone's said yet in the comments.

  7. when is the rockmore gonna reopen?
    can't wait to hit that place up again!
    enough time has passed and seems like the 'penalty' has been served.
    lets get this floating bar back in business!

    1. It smashed on the rocks during a storm a few winters ago. Not sure it's ever coming back.

  8. You need to get some serious help. I dont agree with everything Noyes has done for many of the same reasons, but posting his email, photo of his home, and suggesting to shit on his lawn or sign him up for porn listings is harassment. You are no better than he is.


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