Friday, April 23, 2010

Way to go City Council! Klassy!

Apparently, six of the 11 Salem city councilors decided that we, the hard working residents of Salem, do not pay enough in taxes. Very klassy of them.

Last night they passed legislation instituting the local option meals tax, increasing the meal tax in Salem to 7%. So if you're a party of four, and decide to head out to the absolutely stunning Sixty2 on Wharf, make sure you bring about $15 to hand over in taxes for the privilege.

One of the things that Salem really has going for it, that makes us shine above the cities and towns around us, is a stellar dining scene. Our city council should be promoting it, not trying to cash in on it, while hurting it in the process. But no, they decided to take a positive, a differentiator, and try to turn it into another handout. I feel especially bad for the business people currently attempting to add even more to the downtown restaurant scene. Adriatic Restaurant and Bar is slated to open shortly in the old Edgewater location. Greenland Cafe is set to open soon. Coven is going to fill the remaining retail spot in the old Tompkins furniture building. These people, who are investing in our downtown are now facing an even steeper climb in an already tough industry. I wish you luck, even if our city government is fighting you.

At some point you'll hear, as we always do, that this is for the children. Bullshit. This is so that city union employees can keep $5 medical copays. This is for teachers, cops, firemen, DPW workers, etc to keep riding the gravy train. I'd invite every non-city worker to comment on this post and tell us what you pay to go to the doctor. We won't see $5 from many people.

A special shout out to Ward 1 councilor Bob McCarthy, by the way. This winner never even responds to emails from constituents. I've tried several times, even for simple things like the condition of a street, as well as this particular tax while it was being considered, and councilor Bob should really be known as silent Bob. Try yourself. His email address is

Another special shout out to councilor Joan Lovely. Her flip flop on this issue made this new tax possible. Previously she was a no, and because the proposal was going to fail, they held back the vote. Strangely, as soon as she changed her mind they voted it in. Joan is usually very level-headed and straightforward. I'm very disappointed in her. Some of the other yes votes aren't known for being the sharpest tools in the shed (ever watched Sargent speak?), and we only have ourselves to blame for electing them. Hell, Tom Furey will vote for any and every tax increase not involving hair pieces (that would hit his wallet, and head). As a teacher, he's extremely interested in bleeding taxpayers dry, as he personally benefits.

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