Thursday, January 20, 2011

Speed up for Allie?

A recent thread on Facebook reminded me that a few times a month something happens that makes me say "don't forget to write the Allie post."

A quick Google search will give you lots of background info on the tragic case of Allie Castner, a 15-year-old girl mowed down in a crosswalk by a former Salem High School sports star, who got off completely, possibly because of his family's ties to the Essex County DA.

Since this occurred, her family put out some bumper stickers that say "Slow Down for Allie" over a butterfly image. You can view or order one here. The proceeds benefit the Allie Castner Scholarship Fund.

Since these stickers have come out, I've noticed an interesting phenomenon. If you are in the Marblehead/Salem area, and see someone driving a massive SUV in a manner that would suggest that they have a death wish, and no regard for the lives of pedestrians or other drivers, it's a virtual certainty that they have one of these stickers on the back of their massive SUV. I don't know why, but these people drive like utter asshats. Maybe they think that the sticker provides them with protection? It doesn't! Yet still, they speed, tailgate, especially love to run red lights and ignore stop signs, turn illegally, U-turn illegally, fail to yield to pedestrians and other drivers with the right of way, and generally just suck at driving.

Take your own advice, people! Slow the hell down and pay attention!