Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Monday, March 19, 2012

Predictable Schools "Solution"

I've been suffering from Salem fatigue. Nothing going on in town has interested me enough to write about it. There have been several things I've commented on and discussed via Twitter here, and Facebook here, but nothing that got me to write a blog post. I've been following the school situation, waiting for the time to be right to weigh in. I think the time is now. Also, I broke my tailbone recently and I'm crankier than usual. So here it is.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Boston Subway Puncher has Salem Roots

You may have seen this story on Channel 7 News in the last day or two.

Watch the original video of the beating, which I saw on a Salem someone's Facebook page, with the comment "This lady was on my train a few days ago doing the same thing." Guess she hasn't learned.

So what made me put two and two together that this young lady has some Salem ties? I read this Salem Patch police log account: 11:36 a.m. — A Gardner Street resident reported a news crew was harassing her. The woman said the crew from Channel 7 was at her house and would not leave. Police told the woman the crew had the right to stay in the public way. Police spoke with a woman from Channel 7, and told her she could stay in the public way, but she could not go on the property. The crew was on scene for an incident in Boston involving a woman who resides at the residence, but wasn't there at the time.

I decided to take a look at the Channel 7 web site, and searched for Salem, finding nothing current. I recognized this story from the earlier Facebook post, and learned this young lady's name. I then googled her last name, and Gardner St, Salem, MA. Not surprisingly, there is a household that shares that last name on the street. Ms. Cote has been listed as homeless, or in the snooze police log a while back, as address unknown, so she may not even live at that address. They may not even be related. [UPDATED: Ms. Cote confirmed to me that those are her parents.] If she is homeless, though, where are police going to send that summons?

I then searched for Ms. Cote herself, and found her interesting Twitter stream, which says that she's from Salem. She confirmed that it's her, with this tweet.

Melissa says she'd like to be famous, but for her music. Here's some of that.

So what do you think? Does she have a future in music?