Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Rebels without brains

The inaugural Keep it Klassy, Salem! award goes to the Pereira family of Salem and Peabody.

For those unaware, back in March, klassy then-18-year-old Tim Pereira drag raced his klassy Mustang from the Salem Willows (more on the Willows in a future post) toward downtown Salem, drove over 80 miles an hour in a 30 mph zone, lost control, spun, and crossed the double yellow line to collide head on with a minivan driving towards the Willows. Tim and his cousin were injured, his cousin seriously. Both people in the van were also injured, through no fault of their own.

To read more about the accident:

After the fact, Tim was charged with several crimes, including racing, speeding, driving to endanger and failing to stay within marked lanes.

Keeping it klassy, Tim's Myspace page featured numerous pictures of his klassy car, as well as video of him behaving like an idiot on an ATV. His lawyer must have finally told him to shut it down, because the page has been cleaned up some.

After his arraignment (of course he plead not guilty), daddy bailed his ass out of jail. At the time of all this, young Timmay was already on probation for brutally assaulting another teen with a baseball bat. Daddy should have let him rot. Clearly the entire family is full of klass acts. It was later determined that the new charges constitute a violation of his probation from the prior assault incident.

Brandon Pereira, Tim's cousin and front seat passenger, was ejected from the vehicle as he wasn't wearing his seatbelt at the time of the crash. He was hospitalized and kept in an induced coma for quite a while, and may still be in a rehabilitation hospital. The latest is that his father has now filed a lawsuit against the driver of the other vehicle, claiming that SHE "carelessly and negligent (sic) failed to avoid the collision with the other vehicle head on." Forgetting the klassy grammar that this sentence sports, let's just review the facts.

From the Salem News: "Investigators from the Salem and state police concluded that Timothy Pereira was going 81 mph on Fort Avenue, a road with a 30 mph speed limit, when he lost control, veering across the center lines and into the path of a Honda Odyssey minivan."

Yet she's negligent? More klassiness, Pereiras. The driver of the van not only had one Pereira smash her body, but another attempt to smash her reputation in court. The lawsuit is so klassy that it made national headlines. It also finalized my decision for what the first post on this site needed to be.

Congrats to the klassy Periera clan!

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