Monday, November 8, 2010

Tyler Lagatta update!

I once described Tyler Lagatta as a one punk crime spree. Well, it seems like nothing has changed and this piece of human excrement is still living on English Street, in the Derby Street neighborhood, rather than spending his days and nights surrounded by bars not named Witches Brew or In a Pig's Eye.

Salem Patch is reporting that Tyler, now 20, was arrested yet again on Sunday for being a one punk crime spree. He faces 11 charges including larceny (his specialty), domestic assault, possession of narcotics, intent to distribute, possession of marijuana, intent to distribute, and witness intimidation.

View this trashhole on his facebook page, where he says:

"i just dont give a fuck what you think about me like i said before you either you love me or hate me but if you understand me my heart goes out to you and thank you for everything"

Oh, we understand you, idiot. God, I hope at some point you end up in front of a real judge, who will make you pay for all of your past break-ins. Anyone but judge Mori who would probably fall for your stupid broken home excuses. At least I assume that's why you have three siblings listed on facebook, and not one of you shares a last name. Your mother should probably be sterilized at this point, so she doesn't inflict any more like you on us.


The victim of a car break-in in your neighborhood

PS - Sorry that doesn't really narrow it down more for you.


  1. Now lives on Hall St Concord Nh

    1. Why not get a life you fuckin keyboard warrior people go through tough times I'm sorry some CDs or some dumb shit got stolen from you when I was 17 or 18 I did my time I paid my dues and you people still can't let go of something that happened 6 years ago people change you don't know the pain I have been through in life as a person nor do you care or anyone else an its cold heartless fucks like you that turned this world into this bottomless black pit that it is its people like you who don't care to help someone when they are down to try and bring them up so they don't fall into trouble instead you beat them down until they are feel like they are nothing and worth nothing so may as well be the scumbag you people turned me into but guess what I'm not I'm better than you I help people when they are down I don't put anyone down I turned my life around I served my time completed 4 years of probation got clean moved out of moms and I'm still doing good for myself so anyone else have something say please do sincerely Tyler A LaGatta

  2. Dear The Victim of a Car Break In,

    Shut up.



  3. Try again SKINNER.

  4. Try again SKINNER. This isn't "Ty" and I made it blatantly clear on the behalf of everyone "g" ya coward Skinderella to shut up.



  5. Try again, SKINNER. This isn't Tyler and I know who you are.

    As previously stated, shut your bitch ass up.

    With Deep Sincerity,


  6. Lucky Salem. He's back


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