Monday, November 7, 2011

Salemweb down, but not out.

I was shocked this morning when I went to Salemweb to find that the site was gone, replaced with one of those crappy ad sites. Apparently the domain registration expired. I'm glad to report that I emailed Barbara Wuertz, and she responded promptly that it has been taken care of, and Salemweb should be back in action soon.

I'd have been really sad to see it go.

From: Barbara Wuertz


Seems there was a glitch in renewing the domain name yesterday.  I thought it had worked but, obviously not.  So I just renewed it this morning and it will take a few hours for the DNS to propagate the update.  Hope it happens sooner rather than later!

It would be wonderful if you could post a note about it on your blog.  Thank you so much.


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