Thursday, June 7, 2012

Interesting paths to KIKS

I've always found the search terms that lead people to this site to be fascinating.

Here's a sampling from the last week:

keep it klassy Salem (times a hundred or so)
shirley walker
rockmore co
salem ferry
mary ellen manning resign (say what?)
Salem Patch asleep at the switch (still sad Aubry removed that wackadoodle blog post)
Paul Pierce gang sign (??? several of these)
Darek Barcikowski wife (oh really?)
shirley walker salem (X4)
jefferson at salem station 40b
sesd Salem
south essex sewer district
salem en graffiti
christian day salem ma
salem ma charter commission
klassy salem (X20)
derby lofts salem ma
judge richard mori
sesd Salem ma
eve knows topsy curvey
ward 2 social club
janine matho
dr stephen russell, salem ma, employment history
11 gardner st salem police
bridge street salem ma construction
mike blatty (X2)
hanna glover boat
salem + assistant superintendent
linda stark salem ma (no idea)
school committee salary salem ma
Annie Skerry
point and salem and issues
f*ck p*ssy salem mass now (what? also, there were no * in the actual search)
christian day warlock fake
linda cappuccio facebook
slow down for allie bad drivers (sad but true)
Peter noyes rockmore
tyler lagatta
"joan lovely" "barbara anderson"
monique gonyea
aubry bracco
peter noyes marblehead

So yeah, that's the last week. Whole lotta random.


  1. Add "blogs about Salem, Ma" to your list... I just stumbled across your blog & have added it to my reading list. I'm looking forward to keeping tabs on the goings on in Salem!

  2. Great list, the interwebs are fasinating!

  3. Your wife is concerned that the "f*ck p*ssy salem mass now" search led to your blog.
    Explain or you may find out how klassy it is to sleep on the couch!

  4. Mr. Klassy,
    You little shit.
    If you have any balls, tell us who you are.
    Peter Noyes


Don't forget, keep it klassy!