Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Salemweb may experience an outage.

I just received the following from the Salemweb administrator. Wanted to share.

Hi there,

Here we go again with Salemweb's domain renewal.  The site will likely go down tomorrow - perhaps for a day or two, unfortunately.

There was another glitch with renewal through this Registrar and so we are transferring the domain to another one.  I renewed at the existing registrar Monday and also had to pay for a year at the new one - this should have given us two years.

I thought I had it covered, but it looks like the renewal at the existing registrar didn't work.  I'm complaining loudly although it probably won't do any good. :(

I'll post the bad news on the Salemweb FB page, and if you don't mind mentioning it on your blog I would sure appreciate it.


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  1. go with I have been using them for years both for my company and for my personal sites. Never any issue and great free support.


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