Friday, February 18, 2011

Salem News klassifies online comments

The Salem News announced today that by the end of next week anonymous commenting will no longer be allowed on online stories.

Wee here at KIKS want you to know that as always, we welcome anonymous comments. Additionally, we don't even moderate or sensor them. Criticize our ideas, we can take it! Comment away!


  1. This is my anonymous comment. Thank you!

  2. Nice blog. I'll spend my time here rather than the low rent Salem News

    Beverly Man

  3. Your comments within that particular article, as well as many other comments you've made in the past on the Salem News site, are rude, obnoxious, disrespectful, insulting, offensive and at times, rather abusive and slanderous. Perhaps you get some sort of reinforcement from those who argue with you, or even just enjoy the little bit of local notoriety you seemingly believe your words bring to you. Either way, it is truly sad that your main form of entertainment appears to be denigrating others while hiding behind your cloak of semi-anonymity.

    The title "Klassy" describes your actions perfectly -- people like you are what brings this city down to the gutter. That must be why you're so adept at pointing your "klassy" finger...

  4. Says Mr. Anonymous. 5 bucks if you point out a single slanderous (I assume you actually mean libel) comment.

  5. The rules are different when someone is commenting on an article that's been written by someone else (which is then the property of the newspaper). If the article makes false statements, then the paper is liable for libel.

    Slander is a false and malicious statement that's designed to incite others, and when made by a third person (i.e. commenters on a website), remain slanderous.

    Therefore, false and malicious statements you make here can get you sued for libel for publishing them; made elsewhere, if you make comments as part of a discussion between commenters, you are engaging in slanderous reports.

    Good luck.

  6. Just one example? I didn't think so.

  7. I wish keepitklassysalem had disqus as an option to post as I use that with many sites.


    BTW I was booted off SNEWS permanently when I suggested that there be a flash mob DoS attack on the site. Guess I can't blame them. Sort of surprised they had anyone on staff that even knew what it was....


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