Thursday, October 13, 2011

Zombies ATTACK! and Other Stuff

I posted this on Facebook already, but it's pretty interesting. Apparently, the organizer of the annual Zombie Walk was arrested prior to the walk this year, and detained all day. The charges? Conspiracy to start a riot, and not having a permit. At least that's what the organizer says. Salem PD is saying that the organizer had warrants, and was taken for those. Apparently police told people arriving for the walk that it was canceled, though it clearly took place, anyway. So, allegedly, the city refused to give them a permit, and then arrested them for not having one. Poor form, if true. The police clearly knew they were coming. They were waiting for them. I contacted the promoter and asked for clarification about what exactly happened. I received no response. Here's my question. Who has ever been hurt by this event? Not the people clearly enjoying watching it. Not the participants. Not the local businesses who were patronized after. Who? Seems like a fun, family friendly event to me. I know I've seen pics from it in Salem promo materials, too.

This may get more fun. The event sponsor has posted on Facebook that city council is meeting to consider a zombie ban tonight, and asked all the zombies to come to city hall at 6:30, sans zombie attire to fight it. Funny thing is, I spoke with someone with knowledge of the agendas tonight, and there's nothing about this on them. So you may have a bunch of angry zombies arrive at city hall, with nothing to put their energy into. Should be interesting.


There was an odd letter in the SNews a few weeks back. Bob Rubano is extremely upset that Joan Lovely takes dental insurance from the city. I mean, I get his sentiment. If I were in charge, part time employees, like councilors, wouldn't be eligible for city paid insurance. It's a perk that sometimes exceeds the total council salary, and just doesn't seem appropriate. But it's interesting that his ire is directed solely at Lovely. Is she the only one?

I learned she isn't. She's not even the only lawyer. Joan's dental plan costs the city about $850 a year. Councilor O'Keefe takes dental as well, and costs the city about $500 annually. They are far from the most expensive users of city insurance. Ward 3 councilor Pelletier takes medical from the city, at a taxpayer cost of  about $5,500 a year. Now we get to the heavy hitters. Three of the four big budget cutters on council take family medical plans from the city, at a taxpayer cost of over $15,000 each. Yup, councilors Pinto, Sosnowski, and attorney Ronan all take family medical plans. Wonder why the weren't discussing cutting this perk while they were busy trying to take away promotions that employees earned. Yup, add this hypocrisy onto the lease one. Give Prevey credit for not taking advantage of this overly generous benefit.

The other thing that this does is really create a pretty big compensation difference from councilor to councilor. Prevey, Sargent, McCarthy, Ryan, and Furey cost the taxpayers their $10,000 annual salary. (I think Ryan gets a small stipend for being president.) Makes me feel a little better about the underwhelming constituent services outside of the Willows in ward 1, when I compare that to the same issue in Ward 2, at a cost of $25,000 to the taxpayers. Is Sosnowski really worth 250% what Sargent is? Is Steve Pinto worth 230% of Joan Lovely? Vote totals wouldn't lead you to think so. It's interesting that 3 of the 4 people who complain the most about tax bills are our most expensive councilors, no? Look within hypocrites boys! (I have to say, I largely give Pinto a pass on this [I know, me?] due to his current employment situation. I get it. He may not have anywhere else to get healthcare.)


Went to child safety day at the Moose Lodge a few weeks ago. Really, really nice service they provide to the public at no charge, with DNA swab, dental impressions, fingerprints, and video recording of kids, at no charge.


Anyone see Christian Day during the Haunted Happening parade, twirling around the streets on a Segway? Give him this, the guy is a consumate entertainer. Good show Christian!

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