Monday, September 26, 2011

OMG, Who the Hell Cares?

Tom Furey seems to be on a mission to fix a perceived wrong in the doings of the Salem High School Hall of Fame, regarding prior coach Ken Perrone.

The whole thing brings this question to mind:

Then I realized, I know exactly who cares about things like high school sports hall of fames.

This guy:

Seriously, don't we have more important things to worry about than some silly hall of fame thing? Apparently not. Furey has written more than one letter about it. It's been discussed on Salemweb. Now, the school committee policy subcommittee on policy (is that a real thing, policy subcommittee on policy, or just another Stewie error?) is meeting to discuss the HOF tonight. I'm sure Furey is right. I'm sure Perrone belongs in. I'm sure nobody besides Furey and Perrone should care.

I see things like this, and I think back to what Matt Richard said about why he is running for City Council. He made the point that there seems to be a lack of common sense regarding which issues get addressed, and which get put off. We operate like a small town, and not a city. It's hard to look at our elected officials dedicating time to what seems like an unimportant (small town) issue (unless you're Al Bundy), and not say, yup, Matt Richard is right.


Salem started a bike sharing program today. I saw Juli Lederhaus heading out to check out the bikes at around 8:45 this morning. Any one want to bet on when the first bike sharing accident takes place? It may be too late already.

Juli Lederhaus checks out the bikes


This is yard waste week. I know this because I looked it up on the city website a few weeks ago. As someone with Monday trash pickup, I'd like to thank the city for sending me an email at 3PM on Monday afternoon to remind me. Very helpful.

Also, nice of the city to inform us before spraying for mosquitos. Would have been nice to know when to close those windows...


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  1. Who cares? I care. I care a lot and let me tell you why. I will put aside your sarcastic shots at the the high school athlete (I was one) while I do so.

    The HOF was and is a great concept. recognizing those who excelled at the HS level and perhaps beyond is not a terrible thing. the great thing about a HS HOF is that they also frequently recognize those that nay not have excelled at their chosen sport but still participated. More than a view in this HOF were actually recognized for their achievements in life after HS as business people, politicians, or philanthropists. Their playing football or swimming was only a part of the reason. This aspect of this HS HOF is something this group got right.

    Their obstinate and juvenile behavior in the Perrone affair is a shame and it is long past due in being addressed and corrected.

    I will go on the record here Klassy as saying that as an ex-SHS athlete I feel insulted by this post. Just because I had success as an HS athlete does not make me an Al Bundy, just as someone who excelled at calculus and greek philosophy is not automatically a poindexter.

  2. Bil, you have every right to be insulted by whatever you want, just as I have the right to say things that insult you. I think your missing the bigger point, which is that our city councilors, and school committee, have MUCH better things to do with their time, and MUCH more important things to be focusing on than the Hall of Fame. One only needs to look at our municipal budgets, much higher than average special needs population, and much lower than average MCAS scores to see that there should be other things occupying their time.

    I'm a four time letterman, and have a season MVP trophy to my name. Does that define who I am today? Not at all. Did I learn plenty from it? Sure. That said, if someone is obsessing about a high school hall of fame in his or her 50s, 60s, 70s, and who's in or out, it makes me think their life probably went off the rails at some point.

    I took no shots at the high school athlete, I took shots at the senior adults who are obsessed with high school athletes, when they have pressing city issues that should be a much higher priority.

  3. You may feel that you took no shots at anyone, but the fact is you did.

    Like it or not, many in this city care a lot about the what that HOF has done and become. It is an issue that has been percolating for over ten years. Those that pay attention to the "whole picture" and not just a perceived "big picture" were aware of this, and have care about this.

    I look at your blog and sometime say "hear, hear", but frequently stop reading a post as soon you you take a personal shot at someone. You can do that, it is your right, but I do not, and I never will respect that.

    If you want to call somebody names, do it out in the open, under your own name, so that those hit by the rock you threw can respond fairly in self defense.

    Very Respectfully Yours,

    William Legault


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