Friday, September 2, 2011

Updates on three

I frequently have a couple of pending items floating around in this blog, half written. Here are three I'm finishing now.

First, I wrote about the seeming difference in handling of the recent Christian Day disciplinary matter and the complaint against Spellbound Tours here.

I received an email with a proposed answer to why this happened.

From: to
You were wondering why Christian Day got a closed-door hearing while Spellbound's was public?
 Day's lawyer is Joan Lovely's husband.
 During the hearing, Day got red in the face, kicked over a chair and shouted "I don't have to listen to this! Fuck you!" as he stormed out of the room. As the hearing wasn't over, he was made to return.
You're right: Destination Salem must be so proud.

Well then. I'm not sure I buy that the reason for the difference is that Day's lawyer is connected to a city councilor. I think it's much more likely that City Council and the Licensing Board just operate differently. It's an interesting thought, though.

The account of what took place during the closed-door hearing is simply awesome. Somehow I can see it happening just like that. Captain Hothead doesn't like to be questioned. This particular source has proved reliable in the past, as well. Can anyone else confirm or deny? If he did behave this way, isn't that kind of proof that the leopard can't change his spots? If he's going to behave that way in front of the people who have power over his license, do they really think he won't act that way with his competitors?


Item number two was seen and overheard at a kickoff barbecue for Ward 3 council candidate Todd Siegel back on August 14th. That evening at-large councilor Pinto was seen vigorously pumping an attendee who happens to be a friend of mine for my identity. LOL! It went something like this.

Steve Pinto: I know you know who writes that website.
Unsub: Yes, I do.
SP: Who?
Unsub: I'm not going to tell you who he is.
SP: So you admit it's a he!
Unsub: He's said so several times. He also says he lives in Ward 1.
SP: You really aren't going to tell me?
Unsub: No. Ask the mayor, she figured it out.
SP: I know, that pisses me off. Why aren't you going to tell me? (Ed. note: Doesn't everything she does piss him off?)
Unsub: I've met you four times and I've known him for years.
SP: Well, is he at least qualified?!

OK, that's enough, you get the gist. I guess it went on for a while, and I'm sure that's not word for word correct. Now obviously, I've been pretty tough on councilor Pinto several times. The facts are these. I don't know him, and haven't even ever met him. We've been in the same room once or twice, at public meetings. All of my criticisms of him are directly related to his actions as a councilor. It's not remotely personal. In fact, if he spent the small amount of time he spent pestering that young woman about who I am actually explaining his rationale on the items I've criticized him on, to the voters, the paper, someone, I'd have much more respect for the esteemed councilor. I guess the caption on this picture should be "Todd Siegel and Steve Pinto puzzle over Keep it Klassy, Salem!"

I do have to add, seriously? Am I qualified ... to post opinions on the Internet? That might be one of the funniest things I've ever heard.

Reminds me of these:

I'm a guy, with a mortgage, and a property tax bill directly related to the spending appropriated by the body you sit on. That's the only qualification I need. Beyond that, however, I have a degree in political science, with an econ minor, from one of the elite institutions of higher learning in this country.

Do a meet the candidate Q&A with me, Steve. I'll be fair. I'll ask you about the things I've criticized you for, but I'll be fair. You can even use the IP address I send you the questions from to try to figure out who I am. It's about the worst kept secret around at this point.


The following comment was left on a previous post about the Ward 2 Social Club possibly being bought by the VFW. Sounds like bad news for the VFW, and good news for the Social Club. Also bad news for Brewer Hawthorne Cove Marina, which was rumored to be interested in buying the VFW building. I wonder if this impacts their plans to build a large building just on the other side of the fence from the Blaney Street parking lot.

"Just a fyi update! The management finally resigned along with entire family. The club will have a entire new board of people in control and they will try to work out a deal with the DOR and get the doors back open to a historic club! Best wishes to the new management and I hope to see the club open asap!!"

Anyone have any more details about the Ward 2 situation? More details on Brewer's plans for a building abutting the Ferry lot? Maybe they'll improve or remove the rusty fence topped with barbed wire that marks the current border.

{Edit: I was driving home, with this post all ready to publish, when I passed Sosnowski's metal box, and saw a sign on it saying that the Ward 2 Social Club would open Friday at 5. Sure enough I swung by the club and there were cars, as well as more signs on the building proclaiming that they were open. I almost went in to say hello. Good for them. I had big plans for that VFW property. Bad news for me.}

Whaddya want? I was driving while shooting!

While we're on the subject of this box, and I may or may not have mentioned this before, how does Ward 2 Councilor Sosnowski have the energy to get all indignant about this box, and demand that it be redone, at taxpayer expense, but he never makes a peep about the roller coaster/jump in the road at Winter and Bridge?


School committee candidate Francis Vigeant has a campaign website. You can check it out here. Interesting and topical background. Look for a "Meet the candidate" as soon as I send him questions. Any other takers? One more city councilor at large candidate coming up as soon as I receive the answers back.


  1. I'm planning on writing in "Big Metal Box" for Ward 2 councilor this year.

  2. "Big Metal Box" has a pretty good chance of winning.

  3. Hmm ... I've wondered what to do about my Ward 2 endorsement. I was leaning toward endorsing a write in of Mumma the Healer, but Big Metal Box sounds fun too.

  4. If I win, I will proudly serve with Big Metal Box. Might even vote it for Council President.

    "Let's Keep Salem Humming!"

  6. LOL. I'm working on getting a facebook page for the Ward 2 people going... Maybe I'll spin it into a council run in a few years :D


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