Monday, August 29, 2011

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Is everyone following the strange case of bloated attorney Raymond Buso? (Any Stern fans out there?)

Something appears to be very wrong with this man right now. Did the owner of Rita's refuse him service or something? Attorney Buso was arrested after stealing two Rita's signs from inside the Museum Place Mall. His ridiculous explanation for this, after he was caught, was that he considers signs left on public property to be abandoned. Here's the rub ... the mall is private property. It's not owned by the city, so it isn't public property. Of course he knows this, and obviously his rationale, if he had one, was something else. He has since been accused of harassing this woman with intimidation.

Bloated attorney Raymond Buso
Bloated Attorney Dominic Barbara

Are we seeing our own Charlie Sheen style meltdown right here in Salem? Can we expect Christian Day to come to the rescue?

Speaking of #Winning, Sheen binding ceremony participant Laurie Stathopoulos was in the news recently for getting into a fistfight during the Heritage Days Street Fair.  I've neglected this story so far because it's just too easy. Her claim is that another shop owner was taking her picture and wouldn't stop, so they brawled. Is this a continuation of witch wars II?

Am I wrong to think it's far-fetched to believe that the former pornstar Toppsy Curvey, who invited every media member on earth to watch her bind Sheen just a few months back has suddenly become shy? I mean, clearly she wants attention. Click (EXTREMELY NSFW, like the definition of it) here to see Toppsy (Laurie) displaying just how unshy she used to be. Why do I think she's had some reduction since then?

Speaking of witch wars II, stay tuned for a little inside account of the Christian Day licensing hearing. It's a doozy.


The city has acquired use of that empty weeds lot on Derby Street next to the Hess station to use as a parking lot through the end of January. The intention is to alleviate downtown parking issues during the busy season, as well as additional snow emergency parking. When Patch first broke the story, there was much discussion about what would happen to the amusement rides that occupy that lot for the last two weeks of October. The Salem News is now reporting that parking will not be allowed for those two weeks, and the craptacular will remain. Those are among the two busiest weeks of the year in downtown Salem. The city should have found other accomodations for the rides. Josh Turiel suggested the Willows, which could boost the existing food and arcade businesses up there. It was exactly the outside the box thinking that makes him a formidable council candidate.

I have another suggestion. Why not put the rides on Michael Coleman's Common? It's used liberally in October, but really never more than about half of it at one time. Why not put these rides on the other  half for those two weeks? Obviously they'd have to have a fairly early shut down time at that spot, say 7PM Sunday through Thursday, and 9PM Friday and Saturday. Some will say that the Common Neighborhood Association won't allow it. I'll remind them that it is public land, and isn't owned by the SCNA. If they'd like to buy it, I'm listening.

I only have one other question regarding this new parking lot. How long before the "This space reserved for Shirley Walker" and "This space reserved for Marlene Faust" signs go up? Squeakiest wheels, eh? Some complain that this administration doesn't listen. If you're one of those people, how do you explain this feedback driven decision to go get more parking?


Roost posted this article on their Facebook page. The basic gist is that you can look at several key indicators and know if a city is going places, or going nowhere. It included the chart I've included below. I added the caption underneath it myself.

                         Salem                                                                            Peabody

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