Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Election season heats up ... sort of

With a primary just six weeks away, you'd think that campaigns would be ramping up. You'd be mostly wrong. So far, I haven't seen anything at all about the school committee primary. Has anyone else?

For city council, Darek Barcikowski continues to be very active. I haven't seen much, other than a handful of "campaign kickoff parties" from any of the other candidates, and even those have been limited to a couple of incumbents, only one of whom is even in the primary.

Josh Turiel, who won't be in the primary, has a campaign kickoff fundraiser tonight at Witches Brew Cafe from 6-9. He's running against John Ronan in ward five, and is just about the only candidate with a Web site. Justin Mattera had one, but he's out already.

I'd suggest that if you're in the race for at-large councilor, especially if you aren't an incumbent, that you start telling people why they should be voting for you. Am I missing something? Anyone seen any of the at-large candidates really getting after it? Websites I don't know about?


  1. I think what you're seeing is the calm before the storm. The deadline passed last week, and there's only two primaries (that will eliminate 2 at-large candidates and I'm not sure how many school committee ones). Basically the serious at-large candidates have to make sure they aren't in the bottom two, the ones who are just in it because they like to do paperwork are going to expend no effort and be weeded out. The serious campaigning begins September 21st.

    For people like me who are in serious ward races (with no primary), it's a gradual effort. I've been making all the materials needed (signs, stickers, palm cards, etc.), meeting with people one on one to educate myself, and preparing the larger campaign, pacing it. I've got 3 months to properly introduce myself to a neighborhood, and balancing a full-time job owning a computer services business with it (plus I don't just work locally - I'm up in Newburyport right now as I type this for instance, waiting for a software install to finish). Takes a while.

    Darek is doing the right things as a Salem business owner, attending events city-wide and meeting everyone. Teasie already knows everyone. The incumbents (especially in the wards) are operating as well. My opponent had his first event a couple of weeks ago.

    Campaigning for local elections isn't high-profile, glamorous work.

  2. This whole post was really just an excuse to mention your fundraiser tonight.

    I should add that if anyone can get me a video of councilor Pelletier, or any of the councilors who voted to approve the beer tent, being given beer for free tomorrow night on the common, I'll pay you with gratitude, and maybe a little something else.


  3. Gee, thanks! :-)

    I did want to pontificate about the cycle, though - I've learned a ton in the month since I decided to get in and it's kind of fun. I'll keep an eye on the bike race, too. One of my employees is riding in the 4/5 race that leads off. Gotta root for him!

  4. Time to count those mud puddles again, G. They will be a lot more interesting than these races!

  5. G, Ward 3 challenger Todd Siegel has a website up: siegelward3.com.

    He is also hosting a campaign get to know you this Sunday, August 14th from 4:30 to 7PM at his home, 28 Britannia Circle. RSVP by 3PM 8/13 either by email, info@siegelward3.com or phone 781.586.111 ext 4. I presume there are other Ward 3 readers and not only invite, but urge you too to attend Sunday.

    Additionally, Todd has been invited and will be attending the Fall condo meeting for Green Dolphin Village and I presume the one for Mariner Village too as that is where he resides.

    I for one am elated that Pelletier will have competition to face this Fall having felt severely underrepresented since Lovely moved on to Councilor at Large! Also, having seen, heard and met Siegel at several council meetings, I am confident in stating that he is also a very competent competitor too.



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