Friday, August 19, 2011

Election update

The deadline to withdraw from the ballot has come and gone, and I hear that nobody withdrew. The primary for councilor-at-large and school committee is a month from tomorrow. I've still seen and heard very little from any of the primary candidates other than Darek Barcikowski to date. Media coverage has been nil as well (though Salem Patch has promised a "questions for the candidates" feature down the road). I did see one car the other day with bumper stickers for Joan Lovely and Teasie Riley-Goggin, but that may have been from two years ago. A month before the primary I know literally nothing about several of the candidates.

So, to any candidate that wants it, I make the following offer. I'd be very glad to conduct an interview over email with any primary candidate that would like to participate. How would it work? Shoot me an email that you'd like to participate, and I'll reply with a list of questions. You answer the questions and return them, I'll post the questions and your answers in their entirety. I promise not to be too frisky. Go ahead. You know you want to. Let the voters get to know you. My email address is right over there. --------->

I'll do the same down the road for any non-primary candidates who want to.

Know a councilor-at-large or school committee candidate? Send them a link to this post. I guess Tom Furey is out since he refuses to use email. Sorry.


On a general election note, I mentioned that Josh Turiel was the only candidate I could find with a website. A commenter pointed out that ward 3 challenger Todd Siegel also has a website. I tried to find it through Google and couldn't, but there it is.

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