Monday, August 22, 2011

Several items rattling around in my head

I received another submission of funny car pics yesterday. This sticker was on the back of a Nissan Altima in the Derby Street neighborhood Sunday morning.

I know, you thought it couldn't get any klassier, but check out the seat covers.

Ed Hardy baby! What does this say about you? My guess is that you're a cross between Jon Gosselin and the Situation? Only two guys I can think of who wear Ed Hardy. I can picture both driving a car like this, too. Twinning!


I drove by Murphy's around 11:20 Saturday night, and made sure my windows were down so I could experience it to the fullest. It was loud, with both music and people, but not any louder than I'd expect a bar with an outdoor patio to be on a Saturday night. Compared to what goes on up in Lawrence, Murphy's is amateur hour. Biting people's ears off? Slashing their faces? Permanently disfiguring someone with a razor blade? Stabbings? All just another night of the bars letting out in Lawrence.

Can anyone explain to me what kind of person brings razor blades with them when they go out to a club for the night?

If this was the Murphy's scene I'd get the Lofters point.


Is it an age thing?

In the fall of 2005 their was an attempt at a ballot initiative to outlaw gay marriage in Massachusetts. There is a website that posted the names and addresses of all who signed this petition. I perused the list of Salem signers, keeping an eye out for names involved in this election season, and was surprised by some of what  I saw. First, the petition was signed by one Joseph O'Keefe of 28 Surrey Road. Why, that's the same name and address as the esteemed councilor from Ward 7. Mr. O'Keefe, do you have something against "the gays?" To be fare, there is an O'Keefe junior, but I'd hope by his presumed age that he's not living at home any more. David Goggin, recently late husband of at-large candidate Teasie Riley-Goggin signed as well. Teasie, do you agree with that stance? Should we outlaw

I know, it's blasphemous to criticize the sainted-by-the-public Pep Cornacchio, may he RIP, but that hasn't stopped me before. I was most surprised to see the name of Salem's "unofficial mayor" on the petition. I hope it's not true that the man who loved all, and was beloved by all, loved one group of people a little less.

Derby Street peeps may or may not be surprised to see the names of neighborhood matriarchs Dolores and Alice Jordan on the list as well.

I have to ask. Is this a generation thing?


I guess when there are ten people running for four seats everyone needs to be worried. Joan Lovely, who raised $0, and spent $0, to be the number one vote-getter last time around has actually started a campaign Facebook page. Joan, I think you safe. Even if I disagree with the way you spell councilor.

Also, happy birthday Councilor Lovely!


  1. I think opposition to gay marriage was mainly a generational thing. And a lot of people who reflexively opposed it back then have probably adjusted nowadays - it's been 7 years and it's receded from public sight for the most part.

    That seems to be the pattern in most states that have introduced gay marriage - whether by judicial fiat or by legislative vote. There's an initial rush of opposition. In some states (Maine, California) that wave takes it back down again. In others, it falls short. By the second time around (because they don't give up easily) once people see that the Republic hasn't fallen due to gay marriage opposition begins to fizzle.

    And ultimately, in most states you either wind up with a majority that favor gay marriage or a majority that don't really care. Which is a win for society either way.

  2. Saw the Slutmobile today parked in front of the VFW during my workout. Really classes up the neighborhood.


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