Tuesday, August 16, 2011

More "fun" in the Point.

Police chief Paul Tucker would have you believe that things are getting better in the Point. The fact that he says this in response to two Point residents, and almost a third, being beaten by a mob in broad daylight tells you what your really need to know about how things are, and have been. The police could live in the point, but things aren't going to get better until the majority of Point residents adopt a "start snitchin" mentality, rather than the "stop snitchin" one currently on display. I've said it before, and I'll say it again. Until there is an internal pressure that is at least equal to any external pressure, you're not going to fix the problems in that neighborhood. I feel really bad for those who just want it to be a nice place to live.

Insane behavior continues in the Point, as Point resident Robert Connell was arrested for yanking his own chain in front of his open window last week. Apparently he has a history of behavior of this nature? Yikes.

Unfortunately, more insane behavior is taking place in the courts, as judge Allen Swan refused to institute a stay away order requiring Connell to stay at least 1,000 feet from the neighbors who had to witness his "display." Swan was more concerned about where poor Mr. Connell would stay if he couldn't continue, at age 28, living with mommy and daddy, than he was about the woman and her two young children who saw, and reported, Mr. Connell's indecency. Maybe he's been taking lessons from judge Mori.

On the positive front, a group of young Point residents have spent the summer working to better the neighborhood as part of the STAND program. These teens spend their days picking up trashing, planting flowers, painting, and generally trying to better their neighborhood. It seems like a good start.

Then again, I come across pictures like this and start to worry.

That looks an awful lot like the gesture that got Paul Pierce fined a few years ago for throwing an alleged bloods gang sign during a game. Yes, he is wearing a STAND program tee-shirt. The picture, posted on Facebook by a STAND member, drew several comments from people telling the poster to take it down. I wonder why.

The gesture may also be a reference to the Illuminati, which many current musicians have referenced, and may or may not exist, and may or may not have gang ties. Searching youtube for illuminati brings up some crazy stuff, just for the record. Likely this is just a kid playing around, but it makes you go hmmm ... At least it does for this tragically unhip, rapidly middle-aging person.


  1. The Point needs some people like this guy. http://offthebench.nbcsports.com/2011/06/21/wake-up-call-vancouver-rioter-receives-fist-of-justice-video

  2. Not excusing his behavior, but the guy clearly has mental problems. Effectively rendering him homeless isn't going to help things much in the long term. He needs treatment, and any sentence should reflect that if possible.


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