Thursday, September 30, 2010

Leslie's (Klassy) Retreat

A few years back a dog park was opened at the Leslie's Retreat Park. It's a great concept that many volunteers worked very hard to make happen. Some of the execution? Pure klass.

First, when leaving the parking lot to enter the park you are met with the sign below.

Glad to see Salem is getting tough on crime, but sodomy is a little harsh.

Then, when you reach the entrance to the park, you are met with yet another barrage of signs.

What's awesome about these signs is that they are crappy laminated paper, with neon wire ties attaching them to the fence, yet everything on them is contained on the professional, metal sign you can see in the background. My guess is that all of this extra tree killing is the work of the klassy lady many of us refer to as "the beagle bitch" who likes to walk around the park with her nose in the air, acting like the place is her personal kingdom.

The final klassy move regarding this park is that when the powers that be decided to start charging an annual fee to use the park, the one change in rules that was made was that dogs no longer had to be licensed in Salem. The basic message seemed to be, "now that we want your money, out of town dogs are A-OK!" I have no problem with the fee. The money goes to park upkeep, which is good. At the same time, the rule change, when all others stayed the same, smacks of greed.

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  1. Beagle bitch.. lol. I love that I know who you're talking about!


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