Thursday, September 9, 2010

Monique Gonyea keeps it klassy!

One of two things must be true about Monique Gonyea:

1. She's an extremely, extremely prolific shoplifter who gets nabbed once in a while.


2. She's the worst shoplifter ever.

When I saw "Monique Gonyea, 28 of 286 Highland Ave" in the Salem News this week I knew I'd seen the name before. A quick search of revealed a long history of shoplifting arrests.

My favorite was this one, where she was arrested an hour after she left court for a previous shoplifting charge.

So maybe this mother of three is doing this to feed her three kids, Les Miserables style, no?

Apparently not. In her own words she does this because she's addicted to it. Not because she needs the money. I guess that's better than her previous drug addiction?? Not if you're the business owner she's ripping off today.

When will we rescue her children from an impending life of crime? When will we make her serve real jail time to break her of this addiction?

Thanks Mo, for making Salem so Klassy!

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  1. I know Monique and she's got a problem.. But she's the nicest girl and would do anything for anyone. So keep it klassy if u don't know what your talkin about


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