Thursday, September 30, 2010

Salem's Klassy Judge Richard Mori

Salem District Court Judge Richard Mori is the asshat of the day. I must seriously wonder if Judge Mori was dropped on his head as a child. You see, he appears to think that it is a good idea to allow repeat cocaine dealers to remain on the streets. Said drug dealer also has a previous arrest for possession of marijuana with intent to distribute. Clearly he's not being rehabilitated by his run-ins with the law, but in fact going the other way.

Josue Santiago, of Salem, was arrested in November for selling cocaine to a Salem police officer on three different occasions. He was found with more stuffed in his pants. Santiago is an immigrant, whether legal or illegal is unclear, who was potentially facing deportation because of these charges. In steps namby pamby judge Moron, to save this scumbag's day. Assuming Santiago is a legal immigrant, there are responsibilities attached to enjoying residency here as a legal immigrant. NOT SELLING COCAINE IS AN EASY ONE!!!! Only a putz wouldn't deport him for his second drug dealing offense.

Rumors swirl that Mori and attorney O'Hare are good buddies. I'm sure that didn't color the judge's thinking though, right? Couldn't have. There was no thinking here. Mori is clearly fighting on the wrong side of the war on drugs.

I don't know about you, but I don't think that on the streets is where known drug dealers should be. Thanks a lot Judge Asshat. Maybe he is high as well.

To the Salem PD and prosecutors, good work. I'm sorry this idiot judge is ruining it for you. Please follow him home from the bars, and see if you can land him behind some.

The Salem District Court's phone number is 978-744-1167. I urge everyone to give them a call and let them know what we think of this idiot judge.


  1. Mori is an adjunct professor at Salem State and he just can't ever seem to keep his ultra-conservative politics out of the class room. It's nuts taking a class with this guy and trying to learn anything at all about the law or American legal history.

  2. I second your comment, same at the NSCC. He drive me nuts. I was tempted to just walked out of his class once, but decided to stick it out.

  3. RIchard Mori, an adjunct professor at Salem State and current District Court Judge in Peabody, MA could face criminal charges, disbarment, ouster from the bench and with intentionally interfering with a defendant's constitutional rights and coaching an alleged victim in a recent Peabody case. The judge is pending removal from the case and will certainly face judicial ethical review.


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