Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Klassy Congressman Tierney and family

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Patrice Tierney, the wife of U.S. Congressman and Salem resident John F. Tierney, has agreed to plead guilty to federal tax charges stemming from her assisting her brother conceal his multi-million dollar illegal international gambling operation. She of course claims she didn't know what was going on. Lots of people just randomly deposit 7 million dollars in the bank, right? We all just come up with that in a new job, making commission.

Somewhere challenger Bill Hudak is smiling. His new slogan should be, "Wouldn't you rather have a nut than a crook?" The choice Salem voters face is the definition of klassy. This voter will take the nut over the yes man with criminals all around him. Tierney has proven over and over that the best interests of his constituents always come second to the demands of his party. Now it looks like he may be even worse.


Garrett Quinn sums this scandal up well.

UPDATE 2: Adding to the klass here, Congressman Tierney voted no on a bill that would have outlawed internet gambling in the U.S. Passage of such a bill would have clearly impacted the family business. This adds another circumstantial implication of impropriety. Notable is the fact that this was a rare instance where Tierney broke with Nancy Pelosi, as she, and many other Democrats voted yes on this bill, which passed the house with bipartisan support.

In light of what we now know, this vote looks very sketchy.

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  1. Nice article, though I still wouldn't characterize Bill Hudak as a nut even jokingly. Hudak has been tirelessly shaking hands, listening and thoughtfully discussing important issues with people whom Tierney ran from last year.

    Bill's earliest displays of passionate dissent are political satire... he's done absolutely nothing nutty. He is a rational human being who has some doubts about our president and rightfully so. I know you're not attacking Hudak, but I just want to make it clear that "nut" doesn't apply even jokingly.


  2. My point is this.

    Hudak makes it very tough for moderates, like myself, to vote for him with some of his antics. Some of them, like the Brown endorsement, can be written off as an inexperienced candidate jumping the gun.

    I'd be much happier with him if he would peel the crap off of his car, and admit that the lawn signs were silly and dumb. The birther thing is a little out there, and this is MA, where that stuff doesn't fly.

  3. G,

    Hudak has not only admitted it was silly political satire simply expressing his dissatifaction. But, isn't it grand that Hillary Clinton refers to dissent as "patriotic" when it's Democrats doing it?

    Anyways, Bill also went on record as saying Obama was born in Hawaii.

    Time to play catchup, G... because if you throw your vote to the liberal, tax you to hell, dems this time around, based on a lawn sign and some decals, then you get what you deserve.

    Hudak's been shaking hands and talking issues for the past 20 monhts... where've you been?


  4. What have I said that would ever make you think I'd vote for Tierney? I just wish we had a more moderate alternative.


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