Friday, October 8, 2010

More Klassy congressman Tierney

The candidates to represent Salem in congress "debated" on Fox 25 last night.

Our current rep must be a little scared, especially in the wake of his wife's recent legal trouble. He refused to allow his challenger to speak, shouting over him every time he tried to speak. Check it out below. It showed a true lack of class and decorum.

I have to say, the birther stuff, and the lawn signs Hudak displayed are in bad taste, but I don't question either his intelligence, or his thruthfulness, which you have to with Tierney at this point. The New York Times published comments from the brother-in-law regarding his gambling business, but now neither Tierney new he was running a gambling ring? Seriously?


  1. whose the moron who decided to put Tierney in front of a window with cars driving by at night...

  2. The rumor was that Tierney refused to be in the same room as Hudak. Don't know if it's true, but that's what I heard.

  3. Bill had 15 minutes even!

    Keeping it Klassy Fox!

    There's a new HIV scare in the porn industry, wonder how many FOX ladies are checking up on their health coverage?


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