Saturday, October 9, 2010

Tierney is simply tone deaf. Oh, and a liar.

Congressman Tierney met with the Salem News yesterday. It's very clear that he is both tone deaf and a liar. One only need to read the interview to see that he's dead set on continuing to claim that this isn't a big deal, and a non-issue. I'm sorry sir, but your involvement with felons is not a non-issue. Your claim that you received no financial benefit, when your mother-in-law was largely supported by those funds, and she donated $4800 to your campaign, which she clearly couldn't have afforded on her social security alone, is a big deal, and not a non-issue. Committing criminal acts while not receiving financial benefit wouldn't make your wife a non-criminal. It only makes her a stupid one.

As for your claims that you and Patrice didn't know, couldn't have known, what Robert Eremian was up to in Antigua. I say, lies, damn lies. First, your wife's guilty plea to aiding and abetting was based on her admission that she was "WILLFULLY BLIND." Blind by choice, blind in that anyone who didn't force themselves to be blind couldn't help but realize that something was wrong. It's basically saying, "I refuse to admit that I knew that this didn't pass the smell test, but clearly I did."

Second, the paper of record, the New York Times, published a story in 1998 featuring dear brother in Antigua, overseeing his sports betting business.

From the article:

But in the cozy back room of a modern house that once served as the Chinese Embassy, past the lazy dogs in the yard and the bicycles in the driveway, Bob Eremian was entertaining Americans in a different way.

It was two hours before the start of Sunday's Super Bowl game in San Diego, and Eremian, in short pants and bare feet, was sitting in front of three computer screens, overseeing a sports betting operation that would take over 10,000 bets on the game before the day was over.

"They're calling from all over the U.S. today," he said, as the 25 telephone operators seated in front of him quickly logged bets into their computers. "That's what people want to do," Eremian said. "Bet on sports."

The congressman claims that he and Patrice were unaware of this business in Antigua? He wants us to believe that this feature wasn't passed around the family? I've never been in the New York Times, but I'm pretty sure if they featured my life I'd pass it on to everyone I know. Congressman Tierney, nobody believes you.


  1. I don't understand.

    My wife and I file as Married Filing Jointly each year with the IRS. We BOTH sign the Return, and we BOTH are criminally liable for its accuracy.

    If Patrice is an admiited Tax Cheat, and she is, how is John Tierney not also liable ?

    Or did I miss the part in the IRS Code where the law does not apply to Rich Folk ?

  2. I don't think it was her (or the Congressman's) personal returns, but those for her brother.

  3. Anonymous is correct. Her guilty plea was to 4 counts of aiding and abetting a false tax return. A tax return that was used to launder dirty money.


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