Monday, June 6, 2011

Another Blaney St. Pier update

I know, you're all sick of hearing about the Blaney Street pier. Not as sick as I am of actually hearing the Blaney Street pier. Trust me.

I told you on May 16 that there was no way on earth that the pier would be open as scheduled on May 27. Today, on June 6, I don't think they make it for the rescheduled opening on June 11, but I'm a lot less sure of that. They've made a huge amount of progress, with I'll show with pics I snapped tonight. Where possible, they are matched with pics from my original post. Off we go ...

May 16th, entrance

June 6
Note that the drain pipes in the background are all gone, as is the gate, as it can't be closed currently, due to the electrical conduits being buried in still wet concrete. Also note all of the in place manholes.

May 16, center of pier

Same spot. Note all of the leveled for paving area toward end of pier

May 16

June 6, no drains left above ground. A few stray electrical runs are still in progress.

May16, we wondered what the big underground block was

June 6, above the block. Manhole covers all say "Drain" Still no idea how it works but it's clearly part of the stormwater management system.

The height difference in the seawall between the above two photos is telling. This whole area has been leveled and rolled for paving.

There is another block in the ground, much closer to the entrance. I guess this is how they reach ground level.

June 6

The old trailer hasn't been removed yet, and there appears to be a good chunk of work to be done around it still.

All conduits run to this spot, where a ground level transformer will be added

Ready for pavement
Looking down the seawall

So, will the ferry start Saturday? I hope so. I'm skeptical. There is still a lot of work to do, but I wouldn't be entirely shocked. If you told me I had to bet, I'd bet on them missing by a few more days, but I wouldn't be really confident.


  1. Looks ready to me, G.
    Pretty snazzy ticket office, too!
    Did the mayor give you a free ticket for the first crossing for all the free publicity you gave the operation?

  2. LOL. I think the ticket office should be replaced. I'm not sure my coverage of this has made me any friends with the mayor. Everyone within site, sound, and dust of this should get free tickets, alas no.

  3. How much $ has been thrown at this upgrade and is this part of their master plan or will this all just be bulldozed in a few years time

  4. let the stripper fishing begin

  5. This would be a good place (on the outskirts of town) to locate Salem's Combat Zone in the off-season.


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