Friday, June 17, 2011

Vanity, restored

We've talked previously about the vanity sign thanking everyone except Jesus down at the new and improved Salem Wharf. For the last several weeks of construction the sign has been knocked down, laying face down on the ground.

Have no fear, anyone thinking that the egos have not yet been sufficiently stroked! The sign reappeared in the last day or two, with a new, better, more prominent location!


Unrelated note: Anyone know what the deal with Strega is? They closed around the end of February for "renovations" with a supposed reopening in the spring. It's officially summer in a few days, and they're still closed. When does their liquor license become a pocket license? Based on this, it's possible that the owner just plain can't find any staff.


    These reviews probably aren't helping either. I have been once with a group of about 12 local moms for out monthly Moms Night Out. We were there to spend lots of money and have a good time, but the staff was pretty depressing. We ended up going to another bar where they were thrilled to have all of us, much more fun when the customers are wanted. I hope they reopen with a new owner, manager, chef, etc.

  2. I would rather spend an evening across the street at Wendy's.

  3. why go to Strega when you can go to Dodge St Bar and Grille where the owner Frank is a real stand up guy and the staff is always having a good time

    sure the heat isn't always on in the winter, but that's what the booze is for

    or just head over to NY Fried Chicken and give yourself a delicious coronary!


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