Thursday, June 2, 2011

A few random items

1. The crosswalks at Essex and Hawthorne Boulevard that I featured here have now been painted. Of course, the ones on Hawthorne between Essex and Derby, that don't have a stop/walk light haven't, but it's progress!

2. There really seems to be some heat between city councilors Pelletier and O'Keefe, especially on the part of Mr. P. I shared video of JP muttering about O'Keefe during the May 12 council meeting. He continued, though not always under his breathe, during the May 26 city council meeting. You can view both meetings online through the SATV website here. The discussion of the beer tent on the common was part of it, but it continued later as well.

3. John Ronan continues to beat his "why do we assume a max property tax increase in the budget without voting on it" drum. Good for him. I think he mentioned during the last council meeting that there would be a public hearing on his proposal to codify voting specifically on any property tax increase, outside of just approving the budget. I can't find a date for the hearing, but will update if I find one. Everyone should go and support this. The proposal is currently still in committee.

4. Salem Patch alerted everyone to a really disgusting scam where people are trying to shake residents down on behalf of the NSMC Cancer Walk, sometimes roughly, but pocketing the cash. That's really the lowest of the low. Clubhouse leader for the klasshole of the year.

5. Blaney Street progresses slowly. The mayor's statement that it may even be paved by June 4 will surely not be happening. Maybe she meant July 4. I'm now ready to predict that the Ferry will not run from the wharf on June 11. I'm less sure of this 9 days out than I was about the project finishing on time more than 4 weeks out. They're definitely getting closer, but they are still working extensively underground.


  1. I would pay big money to watch a mud-wrestling match between Joe O'Keefe and Jean Pelletier. They would have to do it in the nude, however, for my dineros.

  2. You'll love my newest post then!

  3. You mean they've agreed to do it?!


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