Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Breaking News: Driscoll out of Senate Race

Salem Mayor Kim Driscoll has just announced that she won't run for Senate in 2012.

Good move by her, she had little chance of beating Scott Brown statewide.

She stated that there was still much to do in Salem. She's right, though some will see that as a threat.

Might we hear later that she'll run for Lieutenant Gov under Tim Murray?

Salem Patch has more details.


  1. I meant to say the news hierarchy is:
    1. Salem News
    2. Boston Globe
    3. Keep it Klassy Salem
    4. Patch

  2. Mayor Driscoll was wise to quit while she is ahead. Nothing wrong with being a big fish in a little pond.

  3. Patch has some news they're way ahead on, and some pure fluff. They've been pretty good on the big stories.

    I might move Klassy up a spot, though!

  4. I like Patch. I especially like that they update throughout the day, even though some is pre-scheduled. When big things happen the don't wait to cover, like the Salem News frequently does.

  5. I would put the New York Times at #1 and you a close second, G. What are we voting on here, by the way?


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