Friday, April 15, 2011

Street Sweeping Boondoggle

Monday is a state holiday (Patriot's Day). As a result, trash pickup is pushed back a day. However, someone didn't consider that when scheduling street sweeping. As a result, those scheduled for street sweeping Tuesday through Friday will end up having their trash pickup on the same day that the sweepers will be out.

Can anyone tell me that won't be a mess? Northside Carting isn't exactly known for getting all of the garbage cans and recycling bins off of the street after they dump them. So a trash can is left up against the filthy curb, street sweeper comes down the street after. Do you really think they're going to get out and move the trash can? Of course not. They'll either go around or over it. That should be fun. It'll be like a game of hide and seek, where your barrel hides, and you get to seek it.

This was a plan fail on the "Plan the work, work the plan" method.


  1. I don't have to worry about trash barrels getting run over by the streetsweepers, G. I live directly on the Broad Street Cemetery, so I just open my window and throw the garbage out onto the tombstones. The city treats the cemetery like it is a dump (broken tree limbs everywhere, ungathered trash, gravestones damaged by their city workers), so why shouldn't I?

  2. Beleave it or not Danvers does this on purpose!

  3. I do believe it. Danvers does a lot of nutty things.


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