Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Kristen Labrie Guilty, Also Convicted

A Superior Court jury in Lawrence today convicted Kristen LaBrie on all counts, including attempted murder, in the death of her son, Jeremy Fraser. I was surprised, when I looked back a few weeks ago, to find that I had never written about this case. I find the entire situation entirely too sad, and think I probably never wrote about it because I get teary when I think about it. Imagine being a young child and having your own mother give up on you, when the odds were strongly tilted in your favor. It is just so sad.

I can only conclude that mother of the year Kristen is some kind of monster. I take no joy in saying that. It's not fun, it's not funny. I completely grant that caring for a cancer patient is grueling. But you don't, when faced with the choice of certain death, or some torment, followed by likely life, choose death for your own child. Not if you have a soul.

Nothing can bring this poor boy back. But I hear his doctor say that there was an 85-90% chance that Jeremy would have been cured, and gone on to lead a normal life, if not for the actions and non-actions of his mother, and I can reach no other conclusion than that she is a monster. Kristen LaBrie simply stole that chance from him, her own son. That seems sub-human to me. So selfish. Her argument, through her lawyer, is that she did the right thing. That's just sick. I understand what a toll cancer can take. I saw it destroy a parent. I saw that parent give up when the outcome was clear. By most accounts, this boy didn't give up, his mother did. His outcome was unclear, and his chances were good. I pray to God that Ms. LaBrie does serious time, where she won't be able to harm any other human beings. I wish this not out of hatred, vengeance or spite, but out of fear that if released she could procreate again. She clearly can't handle parenthood. Parenthood is making those tough decisions, and being strong for that struggling child. Parenthood is doing the hard. Kristen, in the face of adversity, chose not to man up for her kid. She shouldn't be allowed a second chance at that.

There are certain things in this world I just can't understand. Harming a child is way high on that list. Harming your own is number one.


  1. Her first day in prison, she should have a hysterectomy. Just to make sure that procreation is no longer a possibility. Just sayin'.

    (thanks for the props last week, bye the way!)

  2. Yes, so tragic because this is a kind of childhood cancer that can be cured (something which many who feel the verdict was unjust do not seem to understand.)
    We have no way of knowing for sure what this woman was thinking. I would think spending years in prison contemplating what she has done will be considerable punishment.
    So very, very sad...

  3. you people are disgusting!

  4. And what is Miss LaBrie? A victim? No, that was her poor, innocent child.


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