Wednesday, July 20, 2011

UPDATED: Atlantic Paving (insert doesn't) allow unlicensed people to drive their dump trucks

Another Update: Patch has now updated their piece. Shit happens. Aubry is usually very spot on. One of her freelance reporters, not so much.Luckily he hasn't written much recently.

UPDATE: I feel the need to update this. The Salem News is reporting this exactly opposite the way that Patch is reporting it, and they include quotes from the person that they say was driving the Paving truck, William McMahon. They state that Mr. Mota was driving the minivan. Based on their level of detail I think that Patch got this wrong, though as of now they haven't updated or retracted. My apologies to Atlantic Paving. Their driver wasn't charged with anything.


A potentially tragic accident took place on Boston Street today, where a sixteen-year-old bike rider was struck first by a minivan, and then landed underneath a dump truck. A Salem Patch article included this picture of the scene:

Salem Patch further reported that the driver of the dump truck was arrested at the scene for driving without a license. Mr. Mota, who lives on Boston Street himself, should know better. More importantly, what is Atlantic Paving (addresses listed on Canal Street, and Tulip Street in Salem, as well as Foster Street in Peabody, all with the same phone number as on the side of the truck, depending on which is current) doing allowing someone without a license to drive their truck? When a 46 year old man is arrested for driving your truck without a license (rather than a suspended, revoked, or expired one), I have to wonder how good a job of checking out his other right to work legally credentials. Does Atlantic Paving have insurance? Does their insurance company know they hire unlicensed truck drivers?

If this is their level of attention to detail, I don't think I'll be using them for any work on my driveway. I hope the city isn't using them either. Thank God this boy wasn't killed.

PS: Good coverage by Patch on this story. Nothing on Salem News currently.

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  1. companies that operate commercial vehicles are suposed to update all driver info every year. The DOT has really been cracking down the past few years. You can bet Atlantic has been flagged for a very thorough inspection.


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