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Reader emails: Those Wacky Psychics!

I love getting emails from readers. I especially love this one. Some of this I've heard at least whispers of before, some of it I haven't. How much of it is true? I don't know. Maybe none. Judge for yourself. This is an interesting tale regarding a Salem Warlock, his friends, and their adventures. Is it true? I don't know, but some of it would have to be pretty coincidental to be false. The author is a long time acquaintance of Warlock X.

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 Jun 25

Subject: Those Wacky Psychics

You just never know what they'll do next!  You probably can't use any of this on Keep It Klassy, but it may amuse you...
When we last left the ongoing saga of The Battle Of The Salem Psychics, Warlock X and his business partner, Witch Y, were in court after harassing another Essex St. shop owner who had hired a psychic they didn't like and refused to fire her. After the abusive and threatening phone messages and e-mails were read in court, Warlock X (his second or third court appearance for the same type of offense) was ordered by the judge to stay away from the shop owner or go to jail. The next day, the shop owner's windows were trashed.
Next, the shop owner was visited by a hysterical Witch Y, screaming and making threats inside the shop. When asked to leave, she escalated the noise level, refusing to budge, whereupon the owner had to physically push her out the door. She then accused the owner of assault. But alas, the shop's security camera had caught it all.
But all was not over for the shop owner and her family. Late at night, Witch Y was seen in a car cruising by the shop owner's house several times. On the next neighborly outing, Witch Y (who is in her 70s!) egged the owner's house. Alas for Witch Y, the security cameras on the house's exterior caught it all.
Now Warlock X has convinced his friend to go before the City Council indignantly demanding that they investigate the business practices of yet another business owner that he doesn't like, and has threatened on several past occasions. Warlock X had been embarrassed because on his Facebook page he had bragged a few months ago about having already run Spellbound Tours out of town. However, she had only been on vacation and returned to take up her business as usual. Oops! Warlock X stepped back and let McGuire be the one going on the record with the City Council and Pelletier.  I noticed in the recent Council meeting minutes that only Kate Fox from Destination Salem and McGuire had been "invited" to attend the upcoming investigative hearing. (Editor's Note: Coincidence? Coincidence that the accusation involves the business leaving tourgoers in the lurch? Maybe they should have forwarded their schedule to Warlock X. Don't they know better?)
Warlock X's pretty good at getting others to do his dirty work. You'll notice that his current "business partner" Witch Y is the one going into the Essex St. business owner's shop and egging her house. Wow -- he's the Whitey Bulger of the witch biz!
And Councillor Pelletier has obediently complied and ordered a hearing.
So ya gotta wonder -- is psychic power linked to psychological immaturity?
Oh, and one of Warlock X's past court appearances? During a feud with yet another business owner, he posted the name and phone number of the business owner's 12 year-old son on a gay dating site, complete with over-the-top sexual preferences. The FBI got involved, but Warlock X got off with a suspended sentence and an order of protection by insisting that it was a "mistake." The child's mother was reluctant to press charges in order to protect her son. He lives in fear of that incident with the child becoming common knowledge, because there's no convincing way to explain it away. When he bragged that he was going to do it, many of his friends tried to talk him out of it. And he bragged about it afterwards.
The word around Salem business people in the tourist trade is "Whatever you do, don't cross him!"

Warlock X can be very charming and persuasive. He loves to project the "successful Salem businessman" image. Until he's crossed. Personally, and I'm not a psychiatrist, I think he's sociopathic.




Like I said, lots of allegations, but little in the way of verified facts.

The fact that there is a mention of the Spellbound Tours license situation, when this email was written 20 days ago lends it some credence. Of note, the effort to get the license stripped failed tonight at City Council. I've heard the story regarding the Essex Street business owner and the restraining order before. It was posted on Salemweb for a short time, and then removed by the administrator. Allegedly, an extremely vague reference to the "posting a kid's name and info on a gay sex site" story was extremely vaguely alluded to on Salemweb as well. Warlock X went off the deep end with threats of a lawsuit. As it was explained to me:

Warlock X likes to sue (or threaten to), and one of his favorite things is to barrage blogs and websites with lots of posts. After his run-in with the FBI ( a matter of public record, by the way), someone (not me) made a post to SalemWeb saying ONLY that he didn't want to end up on X's favorite website. No mention had been made of the incident itself. X went insane, making hysterical posts to the message board about his privacy being invaded. He inundated the SalemWeb site owners with threatening e-mails and phone calls, insisting that he be allowed to moderate the site, insisting that people MUST be forced to post under their real names, and saying that he would sue them (the law says that an owner of the site is not legally responsible for what people post there, but the site owners didn't know that). He's the reason that the site is moderated today -- it wasn't before -- and if X or his business are mentioned in a derogatory post, that post usually doesn't make it to the board. You saw how fast the post about his most recent court appearance over the harrassment of the Essex St. shop owner disappeared.

I did notice that the post about the Essex St. shop owner disappeared fast. I also noticed that the posts about the Lovelys' orange chain also disappeared. I figured I'd just ask the Salemweb admins. I sent them an email, with the paragraph above included.

I received a response from the admin that explained that not all of the above is true, that Warlock X is not the reason the site is moderated, though he was, in fact, one of several who didn't like the treatment they received on the message board and did, along with others, threaten to sue.

The admins hated much of the behavior on the message boards at the time and decided to take them down. When they brought them back they didn't want a repeat of the past, and didn't want to relive the old 2002/2003 wiccan wars on Salemweb. She stated that she came to dread turning on the computer in the morning, and wouldn't allow Salemweb to be the place people go to sling mud at each other, so they decided to moderate the boards. As for posts disappearing, the mod sometimes thinks better of things they've allowed in haste, and has removed posts, including the ones in question, when they thought better of them. Nobody has ever "made" them remove anything.

What I learn from that is that Warlock X is not as powerful as some in his community give him credit for, but he did, in fact, threaten a frivolous lawsuit when he felt picked on. I can tell you from personal experience that this person can dish it out with the best of them, but can't take it a bit. He loves to be talked about, but only if you're heaping praise. I'd love to get a gander at the files from that (alleged, of course) FBI run in. Really, these are mostly the allegations of someone who clearly isn't friendly with our favorite Warlock, so decide for yourself how much of it to believe.


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