Thursday, July 21, 2011

Three things: steaks, warlocks, and mayors (oh my!)

The Lyceum has announced that it will close on July 31, as George Harrington, Sr. has decided to retire. In truth, there has been friction between Harrington Sr. and his partner, Nicola Savignano, almost since the get go, (at least from Savignano's side) and I'm not entirely sure that this retirement is completely voluntary. Savignano is currently at his vacation home in Italy (complete with its own olive vineyard), but his very close friend tells me that this change has been considered for a while. He mentioned to me months ago that Savignano wasn't entirely pleased with the Lyceum. I'm informed that Savignano financed most of the 2009 renovations, and owns the majority of the business at this point. The location will eventually re-open as a "Fine Dining steakhouse and winebar," so at least it won't sit empty for months.

It looks, from their craigslist ad (thanks, BaldBil!), like most of the current restaurant staff will be replaced. They appear to be seeking just about everything other than senior management and head chef. If this were as orderly and friendly a transition as they are saying, wouldn't you at least keep your bussers, some servers, and some bartenders?

To date, nobody has appeared before the licensing board seeking a C/V license or liquor license transfer. I believe because of a change in business model they would have to before re-opening.

Mr. Harrington has been involved in the Salem restaurant scene for decades. I wish him the best.


The World's Most Famous Warlock (TM) is back in the news!

This time it's not TMZ, or Fox News, though. Apparently Mr. Day is living up to his reputation as a bully and more again. The city licensing board has suspended Day's fortunetelling license for six months, but suspended the punishment, with the promise to waive it if he's a good little boy for a year. I knew, back when I read this article, that something good would follow. Can he keep his mouth shut for that long? I tend to doubt it. Check out the comments on this article. He went so insane with venom that he then begged the author to delete all 39 of his comments, because they varied between threatening and just plain embarrassing. Temper, temper! I wonder, why does he get a closed door hearing, when Spellbound was scheduled to appear before city council in public?

The city has enforced a double standard in Mr. Day's favor for a few years now. I'm sure the fact that he has contributed to the mayor's election fund has nothing to do with it. Destination Salem must be so proud to have him sitting on their board right now. Hey, I get it, he's a marketing genius, and helps bring in the bucks. I'm betting he wishes he wasn't such a spotlight seeker right now. Smile for the cameras!

I wonder if Lt. Oullette was the person who visited this site from the Salem Police station at 2:49 yesterday afternoon, after searching for "Christian Day, Salem, MA."


Kim Driscoll is well into her second term now. It's kind of hilarious, as such, that on her website, the accomplishments section says "Coming soon." Check it out for yourself. C'mon madame mayor, you have plenty to brag about!


  1. I am not familiar with any threats that Mr. Day is alleged to have made, but I do know that he has never made any bones about being a shameless self-promoter. He has a good sense of humor and has the good sense to laugh at himself and his sometimes over-the-top antics.
    Another thing I know about Mr. Day is that he is a very well-read and intelligent person. For the life of me, I cannot understand how he can believe any of this witch/warlock mumbo-jumbo and yet he SEEMS to be sincere. It is clear that the city of Salem appreciates his "drawing power" and has cut him more slack here than they woold have with others similarly accused. I hope he is able to be a good boy if only for his own sake because his livelihood depends upon it.
    I like Christian Day. I think he has a good heart, but like all of us, makes mistakes. If he stays true to himself he will do just fine.
    (He may, on the other hand, require an exorcism. We can go that route if he really wants to, but I don't recommend it in his case. Things could get ugly.)

  2. We went to the Lyceum on Monday night (we had a $50 gift card Jane won in an auction, and we'd heard they were closing). I was a fan of the place right up until the end, but I could tell they were pretty much mailing it in that night.

    Hope the new place does well. It'll supposedly still have George involved, and if he's got a hand in it that should be a Good Thing.

  3. G: Where are the alien baby stories you promised??


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