Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Joker lives in Salem?!

Several residents of the Derby Street neighborhood inform me that they have discovered the secret lair of the Joker, right here in Salem. For proof, they've offered the following picture.

This photo doesn't do the fluorescent
nature of this paint justice.

Apparently, neighbors of this particular residence have an annual pool guessing what terribly garish color will appear each year. They tell me that last year was a fluorescent pinkish orange color. They also state that if the bumper of your car hangs even a centimeter over the invisible plane rising from the edge of this paint that the residents of this property will call the Salem Police Department, dragging them away from much more important issues, to come write a ticket. How do they catch these parking scofflaws who dare to park 3 feet and 11 inches from their driveway? Apparently they have a surveillance camera mounted on the outside of their house, directly above the city-owned sidewalk and street. It's quite the invasion of their neighbors privacy. This curb is about halfway between Derby and Essex Streets on one of the cross streets, and can actually be seen from both Derby and Essex Streets. Complaints to police officers and city officials about this annual ugly defacement of public property have been ignored.

Don't anyone tell Dolores Jordan. She may try to go sandblast this away herself.

Apparently the visual assault doesn't end there. This is one of "those" properties. You know, the ones with about 5 different signs, and a pink flamingo? Well, I guess there's no pink flamingo, but there are several signs of the "Here lies the last dog who pooped in my yard" variety.


  1. This sounds like a case for the Dark Knight.

  2. As a resident of Becket St. I find it completely hideous, and can't believe they are allowed to do this every year.

  3. Every day somebody should take a large object and place it directly in front of their driveway. What sad and miserable lives these people must have.

  4. There is a condo for sale directly next to this place. In fact, the pic may be standing in front of the for sale unit. Would you buy next to this?

  5. How is this not vandalism of public property or graffiti?


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