Thursday, May 26, 2011

Will the Ferry be a scavenger hunt?

It's 10 AM on May 26th.

This means that the first Salem Ferry trip of the season is scheduled for 21 hours from now, at the Blaney Street pier. Currently, Blaney Street is completely blocked with sewer pipes and gigantic construction equipment. You can't even turn onto the street.

Why hasn't there been an announcement about where (if?) the Ferry will launch tomorrow? This is a pretty big deal to Ferry commuters. They are a loyal bunch, who look forward to this day starting in November. They are also a closeknit group. Some even do a little wine and cheese party on the boat every Thursday on the return trip.

Maybe the city intends for the start of the Ferry season to be a scavenger hunt? "The boat leaves at 7, can you find it?!" Wouldn't that be fun.

The only thing I can tell you for sure, as I've said for over a month, don't show up at Blaney looking for it.


  1. Come on now, G! It's not as though the ferry's patrons will have to walk farther than they would have had Blaney Street been ready on time! You yourself pointed out that its temporary location will be more convenient for commuters than Blaney Street. I do, however, agree that it seems odd that the mayor appears unwilling to admit that Blaney will not be ready tomorrow UNTIL THE LAST POSSIBLE SECOND.

  2. Ah, and now I do see that it is official as of an hour ago: delayed until June 11.
    Happy now?

  3. I'm working on a dissection of the claim that "abnormal" weather is the culprit, and I'm completely chiding the mayor (who I admit I like) on the lack of transparency here.


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