Friday, May 27, 2011

Slurp, slurp goes the Salem News

I see that Tom Dalton of the Salem News is certainly drinking the Kool-Aid.

His article in the snooze today starts as follows: "The monsoon spring has forced the Salem Ferry to postpone the start of the season for two weeks."

The monsoon spring where we've received less than normal rainfall totals? I hope they at least give Mr. Dalton a cookie and a "good boy" for toeing the line and spreading the lie. He goes on to talk about the seemingly endless rain. Other than a three day stretch (5 if you count the weekend days they didn't work) last week, it didn't happen.


  1. You are dead wrong on this one, G. Tom Dalton does not toe anybody's line or spread anybody's lie or drink anybody's lemonade. He is a fine and honest reporter and is his own man in every way. You are letting yourselfd get carried away here, my friend. He would not write or have printed under his byline anything that he did not believe to be true.
    End of story.

  2. Then he simply didn't fact check his story. The statements in this story are just plain false.

  3. I haven't read the story, G, nor would I need to to say what I did above. It may well be that he is off on his meteorological details, I don't know. What I was objecting to was your suggestion that Mr. Dalton would report something falsely at the behest of his editor or anybody else. That would NEVER happen.


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