Saturday, May 14, 2011

Peter Noyes at it again?

It sounds like there is dishonesty afoot across the harbor in Marblehead, and of course, Rockmore (serial poop, sewage, oil/fuel dumper)owner Peter Noyes is in the middle of it. Shocking, I know.

Mr. Noyes' corporation's misdeeds can be reviewed here and here (poop/sewage dumping) or here for oil/fuel fouling. I wrote about him previously here, and went into several of those issues, as well as his age-based and ethnicity-based discrimination, and his failure to follow court orders. (Let me add that it warms the area where my heart should be that that particular post has been viewed by at least hundreds of people who have landed on it because they've searched Google for Mr. Noyes by name. It still happens daily at least.)

So you get what I mean, when I say that it's shocking that he's at the center of of dishonesty. There's a bit of a history.

Mr. Noyes is proposing to rebuild a seawall on an island that he doesn't own, supposedly out of the goodness of his heart. At least, that was the original story that he told back in early April. That, and maybe he'll randomly store a couple of boats out there, but nothing to see here, just going to restore a little sea wall. Note the last two paragraphs in that article.

The Conservation Commission, hearing of this "public service" being offered by Peter Noyes, decided to take a trip out to the island for a site visit. "Shockingly," they found that the scope of the work being contemplated on the island was much more than they were led to believe. Peter Noyes, not being entirely truthful? I know that I'm shocked by this. Apparently the intention is to clearcut the island, build new seawalls, and build a permanent driveway up onto the island. Sounds expensive. I'm sure it's worth it to store the twelve boats that Noyes claims may end up there. Worth it. Right?

When the owner of a company that allegedly illegally flouted environmental regulations for over a decade by pumping human waste into our coastal waters comes before a Conservation Commission asking for permission to do something, but I promise I'll do it in the most low impact way possible, should you take his word for it? Hell no! Peter Noyes was quoted here as saying “Will common sense ever prevail in any of this?” Let's hope so! The Conservation Commission in Marblehead needs to consider his history, and his willfull ignoring of the court's order in his discrimination case, and say "no, we don't trust you. Sorry." Is that prejudicial? Sure. Earned? You bet!

Why is this on a Salem blog? We share a coastline with Marblehead, and what happens on that coastline affects our coastline. Or haven't you heard all of the Marblehead/Lori Ehrlich caterwauling about our power plant?


  1. Great Post. Keep up the good work.

  2. Scum. Thanks for staying on top of it.

  3. Luv the blog. Luv your enthusiasm.

    As for Noyes, may you can follow up on this $$ point.

    If Noyes has no money -- as he said in 2010 -- how does he now have 12 boats and the ability to develop an Island? Where did the MONEY suddenly come from? And if Noyes is judgment proof, why should he be permitted to risk (again) ruining the environment? What if NOYES messes up again, what recourse does the town have against him -- NONE.

    From Salem News (

    "Noyes did not attend or send a representative to the 2006 MCAD hearing and failed to respond to requests for information, according to the MCAD decision. The following March, a hearing officer found Noyes and the Rockmore Company Inc. liable for a total of $94,652 in lost wages and damages for emotional distress.

    With interest and costs, the total has risen to more than $200,000.

    During the hearing Tuesday, Noyes insisted he has no assets to pay the judgment, testifying that his own bank account was actually showing a negative balance as of Monday.

    While he lives in a house assessed at $4.2 million, it is shared with his wife. She was added to the deed, he said, because she loaned him money to pay a tax bill.

    The vehicles he uses are in his wife's name. And the income listed on tax returns, he testified, also goes to his wife.

    He testified Tuesday that his father paid the $225,000 fine and $75,000 mandatory contribution to a state environmental trust that were part of the penalties for violating the federal Rivers and Harbors Act. He said his wife paid for the newspaper ads Rockmore Co. was required to buy, apologizing for allowing raw sewage to enter the water from the company's vessel.

    "If you had the money to pay it, would you?" his lawyer asked.

    "Yes," Noyes responded."

  4. That is an excellent, excellent point. A judgement against him, no money to pay, an opportunity to get himself a boatyard? Plenty of cash. Interesting to say the least.

    BTW, in the last 24 hours 8 more people have found my Noyes posts by searching for him or info about the Rockmore or the Hannah Glover. Read up kiddies.

  5. How much do you want to bet the boats are in his wife's name. too?
    This is the scum who polluted our beaches for years. Remember all those summer days when Salem's beaches had to be closed due to a high bacteria count that was coming from some unknown source?
    Let's hope there is a God and a hell.

  6. I must apologize, but I'm a bit confused when I read the last sentence. You have some serious problem with Mr. Noyes running afoul of the environmental regulations, but then you also appear to have some problem with Lori Ehrlich's campaign against Dominion's running afoul of environmental regulations. Are you really some kind of a selective environmentalist, or are you just pretending? If it's the latter, then what's the deal?

  7. That's a fair point. My problem isn't with people disliking the power plant. It dominates (ruins) my view and I'd be perfectly happy to see it gone. My problem with the Ehrlich/Vision for Salem/Heathlink/stoptheplantnow people is the disinformation campaign they tend to run about reuse of the site. They all choose to paint this utopian picture (sometimes literally) of the plant site all prettied up, including the waste water plant, National Grid right of way, and Salem State portion of the land in their view, as if they all immediately disappear. They've also released a very misleading "financial study" that is far from accurate.

    You can make as case against the plant on the merits. When you go beyond that into fantistical fallacies you lose my support.

  8. G. This is why I want to talk to you directly, about the use of the power plant site, but also a project which can begin now to drive the whole area in the best direction for Salem. Salem and Marblehead are intertwined, many residents from each being involved in business and activities in the other town. Now, not 4 years from now, is the time for planning. The vultures are, bank on it. Cheers

  9. Awesome. Really great blog. I worked for Peter Noyes back in 2002-2003. I am a female and was 21 at the time. I was hired as a Boat Captain for his Sightseeing/Charter Boat in Deerfield Beach, FL. Anyway, form my personal experience, you are more than accurate. Peter Noyes is a scum bag who does not care about anyone but himself. I too experienced discrimination. While Captain of his boat "The Suzanna" I came to find out that my deckhand (a white male) was making more than I was as the Captain of the vessel, a licensed Merchant Marine Officer, and with all of the responsibility for the boat, crew, and passengers. When I brought this to their attention they did nothing. I then tried to give a two-weeks notice. That same day I was handed a check for what I was owed and told that my services were no longer needed. So, there I was, with no job and no income, after having moved from Boston to Florida for that job. The bottom line is that there are some truly bad people in this world and PETER NOYES IS definitley one of them. Thanks for your great insight.


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