Monday, May 23, 2011

Salem SegGliders still advertising Blaney location

I grabbed a flyer when I visited the Salem Seggliders location this weekend. I just looked at it a little closer, and noticed that they are still instructing people to report to 10 Blaney Street for their training.

You'll be lonely if you go to 10 Blaney Street for your tour
You'd think they'd at least put stickers on them or something.


  1. I love the flyer:
    "...places rich in culture like the Old Salem Jail." Yeah, that was a great place to soak up culture, especially on hanging day!
    I'll bet the Chestnut Street folks are gonna just love it when they see these packs of morons "gliding" down their street and bouncing off their parked cars this summer! And at $77 a pop they get a free trip to the emergency room at Salem Hospital at no additional charge!

  2. LOL. Good point MB. It's almost worth supporting to watch the steam fly from the Chestnut Streeters.

  3. You said that, G, I didn't. After all, Chestnut Street is in "my" ward!

  4. In response to “G’s” blog re: Seggliders of Salem. I don’t usually respond to blogs. But it was pointed out to me that I was named in a blog by “G” and I feel a need to correct her inaccuracies.
    I remember when that person came in. She asked if we were open and I said that it wasn’t “official” yet but that we were able to rent the EZ Pedelar as a rental or a tour booking but the Segways wouldn’t be in for another week. Unfortunately G did get the old brochure that was printed before all the changes took place at the ferry landing. We have affixed labels to all of the brochures to reflect the correct information.

    G reported that I, as the Office Manager of Seggliders of Salem, stated that the EZ Pedelar electric bike that we rent “has a top speed of 30-35 mph and a full charge lasts for 3 hours”. That was not accurate. What I said was the EZ Pedelar electric bike can travel a distance of 25 to 40 miles on a charge, and a full charge takes 2 ½ to 3 hours. The EZ Pedelar has a top speed of 20mph.
    She was also mistaken in saying that our Segways travel at 12 mph. Segways are capable of a travel speed of 12 mph but ours have a regulator on them that only allows up to 9 mph. In reality our tours rolls very sedately through busy areas, usually a speed of 3 or 4 mph which is walking speed.
    As far as having the space to train people to ride a Segway or EZ Pedelar, that’s the reason we changed our location. We have more than enough room to train customers inside our space. We also have a private parking lot to further train our clients.

  5. I still have a broken leg due to being mobbed by several Segway riders on the Waterfront Walkway, which pretty much consumes my summer of fun in the sun. And when I called the owner of Salem SegGlider, Victor Korbo, seeking the identity of the Segway riders, he hung up on me. I mean who is liable here for safe operation and pedestrian ettiquette?


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