Monday, May 9, 2011

Sense prevails

I wrote previously about School Committee member James Fleming's request to rename the Witchcraft Heights Elementary School after former City Councilor Leonard O'Leary. I've been critical of Fleming for this move, as well as his frequent absences, but tonight I give him credit. Perhaps because he read the tealeaves, perhaps because no action was taken in committee, perhaps because the public sentiment was so strong, but tonight Fleming moved to remove his renaming motion for Witchcraft Heights. Kudos to Mr. Fleming for doing the right thing.

Immediately after, he moved to name the new athletic field at that school after Mr. O'Leary, and moved that a portrait of Councilor O'Leary be hung in the lobby of that school. Some will say that Fleming caved here. I prefer to say that he listened to the very valid reasons why people didn't want to change the name of the school, and a good compromise was reached. Renaming the field isn't a done deal, it needs multiple approvals, but it sounds like there is a strong consensus for the move. See the video below. (Ignore the crying baby, and no, that's not a Fleming joke.)


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