Monday, March 7, 2011

Christian Day a fraud? Answered!

UPDATED: View the entire failure of a binding ceremony! Also, yet another Charlie reference to himself as a warlock weapon today.

"fastball; Cuban, a mad genius, proclaimed every brain cell in ths Warlock brain 2 B a weapon of mass destruction. U've been warned; by him."

The Charlie Sheen binding ceremony took place at 3 P.M. yesterday afternoon, at Crow Haven Corner.

Last night, around 10 P.M. Salem time, Charlie Sheen tweeted the following:

This Warlock is in the breach. Poised. T - minus 51 mins. read my tigerblood dripping lips; you've been warned. c

Strange, right? I guess this answers the questions about the power of one Christian Day. Better try again. This one didn't take. What's your lame excuse?

View the video:

Charlie Sheen offends Salem warlocks:

In light of the obvious failure of this "ritual," can we call it out for the hocus pocus, dress-up playing BS that it is?

More video, including an interview can be seen here.

Nice guyliner.


  1. Who knew pink sparkles were appropriate binding ceremony attire?

  2. Every time you Witch hater types think you've gotten rid of me, I open another business. What am I up to now, four? If only people like you knew just how motivating you were. :)

  3. I don't hate witches at all. I hate frauds. You said yourself you'd keep that word out of his mouth. He says it now more than ever. Fraud.

  4. Never mind how businesses Day's up to. The real question is: how many restraining orders is he up to?

  5. This isn't a binding's a play to get attention from the media using Charlie Sheen. These people are a joke. Especially Christian Day. His intro photo on his website says it all on how fake he is.

  6. Fraud. Mean spirited. Pro wrestling style self promotion to cash in on tourists is not magick. JUNK.

  7. Mr. Day is "busy" prancing around and making money during the month of October. A reply should come from him early November. Business first. When he puts down the cellphone, we will get a reply. FAKE.

  8. i don't think I like this guy much. I mean. I have been reading books on this history of my craft and warlock is just not a term we use. I truly feel he just kind of plays off our craft. I mean HEX? kind of stereotypical. I though we were supposed to be breaking barriers and such. I feel this guy is just a pud..

  9. I fully agree fake is as fake gets.... I was insulted and humiliated by one of his store clerks the last time I visited New Orleans. Instead of anyone issuing me a sincere apology Christian Day called me and asked me what had happened. His clerk did a bait and switch with me then called me snarky to boot. I left the piece at the store and decided against making the purchase. I let someone know what happened to me at one of the other french quarter stores and no one apologized to me until I reviewed the store on trip adviser. That got his attention and he decided to curse me after chatting with me. I was not going to lie about the treatment I received. His clerk is an abusive woman and that happens to be a good friend of his. Since when is it good customer service to insult customers? Also a real wiccan harms none. If you practice the craft you should know this. Duh!

  10. Every time a Christian Day speaks, A Real Warlock or Witch rolls their eyes at the fact the only true power such as he-she has is making gullible people's wallets empty.


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