Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Lions, tiger blood, warlocks (Oh my!)

Christian Day's self-promotion knows no bounds. He's now in on the Charlie Sheen thing. Klassy.

Strangely, no mention of the rumored legal problems he recently faced. Was he really chastised by a judge in a courtroom and told to stop harassing another shop owner, and to avoid him or her going forward? Just a little something in the wind on Salemweb. Not sure if it's been confirmed, so take it for what you will.

Christian better also avoid this lady ...

Guess there wasn't enough self-promotion to be gained by going after her.

Two interesting comments from the TMZ piece:

"Um, maybe I am an old school witch, but male witches are called witches. Warlock among witches and other magical types means 'oathbreaker'. Basically he is saying that he is not dependable and does not honor his resposibilities if he is a warlock. The again, calling himself that might be the most honest thing he as said about himself in a while..."


"Christian Day is nothing but a self proclaimed media whore. He's as arrogant and pompous as he is whiny and back stabbing. He's been tryin to pitch a "Salem Witch" reality show (with him as the star of course) to different cable outlets and this is just a lame attempt to get them to notice him."

Christian, a reality show? Really?


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