Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Crime Watch

Javon Farmer-McFadden, congrats on ruining your life at the ripe young age of 19. Seems like what you probably deserve. Savage.

Mr. Farmer-McFadden, of Beverly, while attending a party on Ocean Avenue in Salem, thought it would be a good idea to violate a restraining order and smash his ex-girlfriend in the head with a brick multiple times, apparently because she refused to take care of his urges. He also tried to break her neck. He was already facing domestic violence charges having to do with this same victim. (I won't talk about whether or not it was wise for her to agree to go outside with him.)

There's a special place in hell for men who abuse women. While in prison, they usually learn about their own special place. Enjoy!

The other unsurprising thing here is that Mr F-M had no problem getting physical with this woman, but when neighbor Nathaniel McDonald yelled at him and approached, he turned tail and ran. Little piece of human excrement.

Unfortunately, the address on Ocean Avenue hasn't been published, so we can't give a special shout out to the resident who invited this trash into our city.


  1. What more can one add? This is a terrible, terrible story. Thank God this poor young woman survived this vicious assault.

  2. He wasn't even invited to the party.

  3. I hope that's true.

    Let's add a trespassing charge!


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