Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Speaker DeLeo classes up St. Paddy's day breakfast

Somehow, I don't think that House Speaker Robert DeLeo will be invited back to our state rep John Keenan's annual St Patrick's Day breakfast at Finz next year. Last Friday, DeLeo ripped Salem, basically calling it a shithole of a city. His funniest, truest, line was reserved for recent KIKS target Christian Day. DeLeo said, "You have a guy trying to figure out whether Charlie Sheen is a warlock or a warlord. What an intellectual city.” The speaker went on to exclaim that he can do whatever the fuck he wants, because he's the speaker. Klassy. Accounts are that his act didn't play well. (He later issued a clarification/appology, which really wasn't necessary.) I get it, it's a roast. Still klassy.

House Speaker Robert DeLeo

Let's look at the man who is throwing bombs at our city. Remember, Speaker DeLeo scuttled the entire gambling proposal last year because his district wasn't guaranteed at least a slot parlor. Yes, a slot parlor. Because adding a slot parlor to Revere wouldn't make it a bigger dump. Slot parlors exude class, as you can see below.

Slot parlors are klassy

Before Speaker DeLeo speaks ill of other communities, he should probably sweep some of the skeletons out of his closet. He has been implicated in the probation hiring scandal, with a record of numerous "recommendations" for hirings. He appears to be in it up to his waist, only beaten by this guy, who DeLeo appointed as Speaker Pro Tempore after he helped get DeLeo the speakership. A review of his record will show that it wasn't Tommy Petrolati's legislative achievements that got him the gig. He's not exactly a legislative heavyweight. Keeping him around shows that DeLeo isn't straying far from Speakers past. (He was finally forced to not seek reappointment after the Globe investigative series.)

If you look at recent history, it is a statistical certainty that he will at some point in the near future face criminal charges. Probation is just the current leader in the clubhouse. Who knows what will be next. Speaker DeLeo, feel free to not darken the doorstep of this fair shithole again. Thanks in advance!


  1. I have always had the good sense (as have most Salemites) to toss this invitation the instant it arrives. $50 minimum to pad one of our local pols' warchest while listening to stupid jokes and guttermouthed Boston "bigshots"? Those who attended this "exclusive" got what they deserved.

    Mike Blatty (not anonymous)

  2. I've never even been invited. *tear* LOL.

  3. Give us your name and address,G, and we'll see that you get invited next year. :)

  4. I assure you that there would be nothing thrilling about either to you. I'm just an interested taxpayer and resident. Not an interesting or involved one, at all.

  5. Don't underestimate yourself, G. :)

  6. To earlier anonymous....it was $75. The price went up last year. Obviously the quality of 'featured speaker' did not.


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