Friday, March 18, 2011

Washington Square Fire

I happened to have today off and was walking home from downtown when a Salem Fire engine flew by. A few minutes later a Marblehead engine flew by. About 30 seconds after that a Danvers engine followed. I checked Facebook on my phone, and Northshore Patch was reporting that there was a large fire on Washington Square, so I headed over there armed with my iPhone. Fortunately all of the residents of this large apartment building made it out safely.

This is the unfortunate seen that I witnessed.

Not long after I arrived, the crew from Salem Patch showed up.

Salem Patch writer and salemweb message board contributor Bil Legault, and Salem Patch editor Aubry Bracco

I also managed to catch some video.

I also took a walk around the location of the fire on East Washington Square, and caught some eerie images of smoke filled, darkened streets in the Salem Common neighborhood.

 The far end of Andrew Street

A few streets over, on Boardman

Smoke flies over Boardman Street

I returned to the scene, and captured this rainbow image, which was oxymoronic, considering the destruction that occurred.
One of our little birdies was present as well. You can check out her pictures at clang creative.

One final note, congrats to the douchebag channel 7 cameraman for harassing the clearly distraught resident who told you she didn't want to be recorded. Way to go, big man, and no, I won't get out of your way so you can continue it, go ahead and call the cops, will see if me holding my hand 12 inches in front of my face, but 2 feet from your camera constitutes harassment. Asshole.


  1. Please, G! Have you forgotten how you castigated the speaker for using profanities at the St. Paddy's Day Breakfast?
    Also, understand that I'm not accusing you guys of anything (although this fire IS being investigated as a possible case of arsen), but it sounds to me like you and the Patch people were ON THE SCENE of this fire awfully quickly...
    As Nelson Benton would say,

  2. I saw the Patch people arrive, so I beat them, just sayin'.

    That pic of Baldbil was my 50th, and about his third.

  3. Let's not forget that Channel 7 was also the station that spilled the beans when a corrections officer was taken hostage with his 2 boys several years ago, and this after being asked by the police not to make his job title public. It could have got them killed.


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