Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring is here II

Drove by TitS this morning.

All of their outdoor tables and chairs, as well as their outdoor heaters are out. Spring is in. Pay no attention to the snow currently falling.

I have really mixed feelings about the Tavern. As far s the food goes, it's a glorified TGIFriday's or Applebees. There are numerous, much better fare options available within 300 steps. But hey, the yah dude, kid, and guy types need a weekend meat market, and I'm sure this fits the bill. Additionally, it takes some of those less interested in food quality out of some of the better restaurants around it, and makes room for me. Additionally, it has breathed life into what was a blighted location. The old building that was there was just terrible. I'm pretty sure it was a crack den.

The Tavern also added outdoor seating, spending about $75,000 to build an outdoor patio. In fact, it's arguably the nicest looking outdoor seating section in the city. While one Salem State professor hilariously talked about the profound sense of loss he would feel at the loss of two trees that were removed, most would agree that the area actually looks better than it did before, when it was frequently "brown space."

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Before the patio

David Moisan has a great picture of what it looks like now, here.

It's a city street corner that now isn't a resting spot for drunks. Everyone wins, right? Not really. Due to an archaic Massachusetts law (I feel like I say that phrase a lot) the Tavern must close the sidewalk when the patio is being used, because alcohol may not cross an open city sidewalk.

Big deal, right? There's a sidewalk that goes right around the patio, and actually ends at the crosswalks. Not so fast, please. Big deal to me? Not at all. I could use the few extra steps. Big deal to someone who faces different physical challenges? Sure. David Moisan captured the argument against closing the sidewalk much better than I ever could. Check out his blog post here. They truly are valid points. Why don't the needs of those living with disabilities matter here? $$

So even when this behemoth of downtown dining (I think they have the largest legal capacity) does something good, the little guy gets hurt. I blame the state law for this one.


  1. Wouldn't be caught dead in there.
    The worst of the worst.
    (And David is right about the sidewalk.)

  2. Wow! Something we agree completely on.

  3. Oh, I'm sure there's more. I just don't care to admit it. :)

  4. Yah dude guy, that place is the TITS! Hahahaha! I love it.


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