Thursday, March 24, 2011

Nothing better to do?

As reported by Salem Patch, school committee member Jim Fleming (he of the 66% attendance rate) last night proposed renaming of the Witchcraft Heights Elementary School after former City Council member Lenny O'Leary. It's a nice thought, though as Patch explains, may violate school naming rules.

I have two questions here. First, is this really the most important thing before the school committee? Have they nothing better to do? If not, I know exactly where I stand on their proposed raise. Second, what will it actually cost to rename the school? I'm betting Fleming hasn't considered or investigated it. My guess is that it's more than you'd think.

Interesting that Fleming thinks that those outside of the city won't get the reference in the current name. Really?

Check out this picture at Salem Patch, and this one. How many more signs are there with the name of the school on it? They would all have to be redone. Is the name of the school on the gym floor? Cha-ching!

We'll end up paying to redo the logo.

This will have to be changed:

How many more instances like this are there? Could the cost of renaming the school actually exceed the amount of money the city wasted this year on 120 Washington Street? I think it might, when you factor in every piece of signage, Web site work for the school, disctrict, and city, reprinting stationary at the school and district level, business cards, logo design, report cards, and who knows where else it will have to be changed. and Patch have both covered Fleming's proposal. I've talked about it. Do you think the Salem News will get around to mentioning it? Maybe tomorrow? It's 2011 Snews, you can update your Web site.


  1. Sounds like Salem State's renaming. Still waiting to get the tuition hike I know is coming.

  2. Sorry Jess, you didn't have to wait long.

  3. Yeah, I saw that yesterday. Tuition just went up last year. Public higher education is seriously getting out of reach of the public.


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