Thursday, March 3, 2011

Christian Day's flair for the dramatic

Anybody walk past Omen on Thursday? If so you might have caught the show.

A very trusted little birdy passed on this tidbit about the scene they witnessed while out for a walk:

"I totally saw him on his cell phone outside Omen today. He was pacing and having a meltdown. He was yelling that he had three shows today and two tomorrow and that ONLY ONE person should be managing his schedule 'until this blip passes.' His eyes were darting around like crazy. I'd bet he was being dramatic and hoping someone would recognize him from TMZ. Anyway, klassy."

Well, judging from his decision to contact TMZ, rumors that he's been pitching a witchy reality show featuring himself, constant diatribes in and about the Salem News, whoring himself out to Ghost Adventures, and rumors about him getting slapped in court for harassing a store owner, we'd say that Christian's flair for the dramatic has never been stronger, and his hunger for attention has never been more consuming.

While there IS some resemblance, we think that the closer match is MTV darling Bam Margera.

What do you think?

UPDATE: He posted this on Facebook himself. Nuff said.

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