Thursday, March 24, 2011

Who is Mike Blatty?!?!

As I've mentioned before, you can email me.

I received the following e-mail today.

Who is Mike Blatty?!?!



to keepitklassysa.
show details 3:35 PM (5 hours ago)

Dear KIKS,
Are you Mike Blatty?
Are you his Tyler Durden?
If not, who is Mike Blatty and why does he comment on everything?
Is he my mother?
I'm so confused.
Please put your investigative skills to the test on this and blow this whole thing wide open.
Thank you,
a concerned reader
I've never met Mike Blatty, exactly. I've known him on Salemweb for years, though he doesn't realize it.

Here's what I can tell you. He has run for Ward 3 City Councilor several times (maybe 3) simply because he thinks voters should have a choice, I think. At the same time, he doesn't actually appear to campaign. But he does put his name on the ballot.

He is also a prolific web commenter. For a while he was about the only Salemweb poster. He's clearly the most frequent. He also is one of the only Salem News posters left. A similar conversation is taking place there now.
His father is the author of The Exorcist, as well as several other novels.

On the issues, we agree maybe about half the time. When we do, I'm even more sure than usual that I'm right. (I'm still sure I'm right when we don't.)

I'm hoping he'll jump in and provide a better answer.


  1. How embarassing, G! Fortunately (for me, not for you) we seem to be the only ones posting here! I'm thinking this interloper is Mr. Fallon, but could be wrong. I don't think he means any harm by it!
    Hope to meet you one day. I like your website and the mysterious person behind it. :)

  2. P.S. Regarding our differences on "the issues":
    As I've said elsewhere, I always find it amusing that people think I actually believe everything I say. :)

  3. I'm thinking of some specific issues where I know we've differed, and you were pretty passionate about your positions.

  4. "Pretty passionate positions." I like that!
    As in, "You are a poet, but you do not know it.:

    1. Hey Michael, I would love to chat. If you ever get this,

  5. this mike blatty sounds like a turd, and to think, i used to like salem, ma!

  6. mike blatty is a trustfunder with nothing else to do than obsess on mr. echols. to say he's creepy is putting it nicely.

  7. But the fact that you've posted about him on a two year old post completely unrelated to Damien Echols or the wm3 after you had apparently googled his name. Well, now that's not creepy at all...

  8. Echols is guilty. The eyes of a murderer never lie.


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